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For those who are not very related to the world of computing, you may hear from time to time some reference to its components and do not know what they are referring to, what they are or what they serve, so I decided to write this article today , To describe one of its most important components, the hard disk.

The hard disk is the component of the computer in charge of storing all the information on our computer, that is, it will install and save the operating system, programs and all data in it, such as movies, music, documents Text or any other type.

That is why it is one of the most important components, because without it we could not work, and why in case of failure but we have a backup, we will lose all the information, ie everything we had stored in our computer Whatever it is, that’s why we should also be careful when choosing the type of hard drive we want to buy and for which we will use it.

First, before you know which hard drive to buy, it is best to know how many types of hard drives exist, and although there are several types according to different characteristics, I will explain mainly the most current ones, since I do not think it will serve you much. Explain characteristics of hard disks that are no longer manufactured and are therefore obsolete.

Hard drive types according to their technology:

Hard Disk Drive or Hard Disk Drive (HDD): These hard drives are the most used so far, because of their low price in relation to their large capacity, are perfect for storing large amounts of data without spending much money and there are Two different sizes, 3.5 inches for desktop computers and 2.5 inches for laptops.

Solid state hard disks or SSDs: These hard disks came out a few years ago to the market, and soon they have gained much fame, this is due to the great speed that they work, their reliability, since they have a much greater useful life and at its less Size, there are only 2.5-inch SSD hard drives, although they can be used on any computer, these hard drives are perfect when what you are looking for is speed, yes, price capacity ratio are quite more expensive than ordinary HDD hard drives .

In addition to these types, we can also differentiate between internal and external hard drives, the internal hard drives are those that as the name itself indicate van inside the computer, while the external are those that we connect via USB and that we can transport from a site to another.

Well, now that we know what a hard drive is, what it is for and what types of hard drives exist, it’s time to decide which one to buy, which will vary according to our needs, according to which I can advise you, Then I’ll give you some examples of where you should buy a hard drive or another.

If you want to store many movies, music …: In this case I advise you to buy a HDD hard drive,

If you want your computer to go much faster then it is best to buy an SSD hard drive, you will gain so much speed that you will think the computer is new.

If you want speed and also a lot of storage: My recommendation is that you buy a hard disk SSD to install on it, the operating system and programs, and to store data, you buy a second hard drive, in this case HDD You can put it as the second internal hard drive, or better still buy an external hard drive with USB 3.0, and store all the data we want there, so we have both advantages and we can take all our data in our pocket.

Recommended Hard Disk Marks:

Especially Western Digital, is the most expensive (although the price difference with the cheapest is not much), are also good brands Toshiba and Samsung (within SanDisk SSD hard drives is also good brand), these are the 3 brands that I recommend you, the rest of the brands are usually quite regular.

The brand I strongly discourage to buy in Seagate, is very cheap, they sell it everywhere, but you know that when something is very cheap for something is, and is that these hard disks of less quality usually spoil very soon ( Although they all spoil sooner or later), I would only buy this brand, if it is to store something that I do not mind losing, such as movies or music that you can get back.

Anyway, I hope this article has helped you, any doubt or opinion do not hesitate to write it and share it with everyone through a comment, I will respond as soon as I read it, thank you very much for your visit and I hope you come back very soon.

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