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The article that I am going to share with you today will deal with one of the most unknown and least treated but also most important topics in new generation phones, also called Smartphones and which is also valid for the famous Tablets or Tablets.

And that theme is neither more nor less than the famous Micro SD cards, which are currently used to increase the capacity of those Smartphones and Tablets that come with very little memory, and that allow its expansion thanks to these cheap cards, which taking in Mind how expensive smartphones are with decent internal memory, we are more likely to buy a Smartphone or Tablet with low memory and expand it with memory cards.

But here comes one of the most important things, not all Micro SD cards are worth for these new generation devices, and I do not mean that the devices do not recognize them, but even if we put them in the Smartphone or Tablet, they recognize it And can be “used” does not mean that they work well.

And that is that each Micro SD card works at a different speed, and if the Micro SD card that you use for the Smatphone or Tablet that you use is going too slow for the needs of the device you use, it will slow down the system, causing Even locking the system, having to restart to re-operate properly.

It is for this reason, by which many manufacturers had withdrawn the possibility to increase the internal memory via Micro SD, because people usually use Micro SD cards that have at home that work at very slow speeds, and these caused problems in the correct operation Of the mobile, problems that people ended up blaming the Smarphone or Tablet as if it were a problem of quality of the mark.

This problem caused by the lack of information and ignorance of the people, tried to solve in a way for me something controversial, since to remove the possibility of putting a Micro SD card, so that due to the malfunction of this will not blame them The mobile manufacturers a problem that was not their fault, what was achieved was a rise in the price of Smartphones.

Since you are forced to buy them with a great capacity of data with the increase of price that this supposes, to avoid running out of space and not being able to work or use it correctly. The solution in my humble opinion was much simpler, it would have been enough to inform people of what characteristics should have Micro SD cards that they should use in their Smartphones and Tablets.

That’s why I’ve written this article, to show you what types of Micro SD Cards to buy to ensure a perfect performance of your mobile devices, for this we will first show the types of Micro SD Cards, according to the maximum memory they have.

Type of memory card Micro SD according to capacity:

Micro SD cards up to 4GB are called: Micro SD Card
Micro SD cards up to 32 GB are called: Micro SDHC Card
Micro SD cards up to 2TB are called: Micro SDXC Card

As you can see, the cards denominated as Micro SD cards, are already obsolete cards that should not be used for these purposes, since they practically do not contribute any of capacity and also work at speeds much slower to be older, in fact there are other Ways to classify Micro SD cards, and it is for its speed, as we can see below.

Classes of the cards Micro SD according to its speed:

Class 2 2 MB / s
Class 4 4 MB / s
Class 6 6 MB / s
Class 8 8 MB / s
Class 10 10 MB / s

As you can see there are many kinds of card according to their speed, but these denominations are somewhat outdated, so the most natural is that today almost all the sellers are the so-called Class 10, which will be the cards that will have to buy the Most people, being cards will be worth to you for the majority of mobiles, especially those of low range.

But the denominations do not end there, since the new Micro SD cards, which are the ones I really recommend, and with which you will surely have no problem come with new specifications of speed, so the new card that you choose must be a card Micro SD Class 10 and also that it has any of the following denominations according to the use that you are going to give.

New classes of Micro SD cards according to their speed for Micro SDHC and Micro SDXC cards:

UHS-I Class 1 (U1) 10 MB / s Real-time FullHD / 1080p video
UHS-I Class 3 (U3) 30 MB / s Video 4K / 2160p

So as you can see, the best option for most phones is a Micro SDHC Class 10 UHS-I Class 1 (U1) card which is the one you can see in the image of the article, where next to SDHC has a 1 Within a U. And for those who have Smarphone of very high range, capable of recording videos at 4K / 2160p, in that case buy Micro SDHC Class 10 UHS-I Class 3 (U3) cards, which is usually represented in the image of SD cards as a U3 next to the SDHC or a 3 within a U.

Then there are many other characteristics that will mark the quality and durability of our card, and many brands that differentiate each other for these characteristics, I therefore advise you directly to buy the cards Samsung brand, because they have a very high quality, work at speeds Really fast and in addition they are resistant to the water, to high temperatures, blows, X-rays and magnets, which are like those of the photos.

Anyway, I hope you have helped with the article, any opinion or question do not hesitate to communicate it through a comment, also you can tell us your experiences with being or other cards, the more information better for everyone when choosing Micro SD , Or in this case, minimum Micro SDHC which is the minimum you should take, thank you very much for your visit and I hope you return soon.

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