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In the internet we can see some of the eternal questions that users ask about the components to use and which are better, one of those eternal questions is that graphics card is better if AMD or NVIDEA as they are currently called, or that a processor is better AMD or one INTEL, something that I already answered in another article of which I will leave you a link at the end of this article.

Well, I wrote this article to try to solve the question about which brand of graphics cards is better and thus help you to build or improve your PC, the first thing I would like to point out is that my opinions and data are based on current graphics cards and not In the old ones of more than 5 years since the panorama has been changing much since then.

Currently graphics cards have improved greatly in power, consumption and in general all their technologies, so it is very difficult to know which graphics cards have more quality if AMD -ATI or Nvidea – Geforce, it is more could be said that there is no clear Winner, as both are very advanced and most people will work great and will not notice any difference.

But for those who love video games or who for whatever reason needs more graphics power, if you need to know which one would suit you more to buy, but for this reason, as we have already said, there is not a great technological difference between the two. Say there is no clear winner at the moment, we will have to rely on other aspects, since the best graphics card for a person will be the one that best suits your needs, so I will explain these aspects, and in which case It suits you more one or another card.

For gamers or gamers: I definitely recommend a Nvidea – Geforce graphics card in the high range, that is the GTX range, although there was a time when it was impossible to buy a current GTX graphics for less than 400 euros, Nowadays they already exist for about 100 euros. This recommendation I do, because although both brands have a similar power, and for the same price you can get a more powerful AMD – ATI graphics card at the same or lower price, game creators often optimize their games more To work with Nvidea – Geforce graphics cards, because they are favorites by the players and those that have greater market share at the moment. This does not mean that they are not optimized for AMD – ATI graphics cards, but they take a little longer, and we all like to have some edge in games.

For graphic designers, video editors and professional photographers: To this segment of the society I also recommend a Nvidea – Geforce GTX graphics card, since most video or graphics editing programs usually give the option to use The CUDA cores of Nvidea – Geforce graphics card, a technology that greatly improves graphics performance and does not have AMD graphics cards – ATI, you may have to spend a little more, but it is worth it because you will notice much the difference And it’s something you buy to last for several years.

If you want a cheap graphics card or you are going to make a basic use of the computer: In this case I recommend the current AMD graphics cards, as you will have plenty of power with these cards and will not give you any problems (except normal problems as with any electronic device ), If there is something that stands out AMD is to give high power and quality at low prices, be careful what I said AMD and not AMD – ATI, this is because AMD bought the company ATI several years ago, so yes You sell a graphic card under the name ATI, it is a very old model and outdated and probably not able to cover well your needs.

Anyway, I hope this article helped you to clarify when choosing a graphics card, and as I promised at the beginning of the article, I leave a link at the end of this, in which I speak and solve another one of the Eternal and controversial questions about computers: what is better an AMD or an INTEL processor? Remember that a comment is always appreciated and that you share a link of this article in social networks or in your web – blog, well, thank you for your visit and I hope you come back soon.

What is better an AMD or an INTEL processor?

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