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Today, we live in the information age and social networks, so much so that in the light of its success, have emerged multiple social networks such as the famous Twitter and Facebook, in which we can already find the profile of the majority Of our friends, either in one, in the other or in the 2, in which we can read all kinds of information that they have decided to share, from some commentary, to photos or videos.

The problem comes, that most are not aware that such information is public, and therefore we must be very careful about what is published, since we can play a bad time in the future, and precisely to amend that mistake , It is best to erase those publications you once made, and now you would prefer that they were not there.

However, getting to read one by one your publications until you find the one you want to delete, can be a long and monotonous work, so I wrote this article, with the intention of helping you, unfortunately I can only help you to solve this problem in Twitter, since on Facebook in the trick I’m going to comment is not available, but something is something.

The quickest and safest solution is to delete all the Tweets, but calm, you will not have to do them one by one, but you can delete them all automatically, ensuring that you do not pass any Tweet, and without need To erase the account and make you another losing all your followers and people you follow, such action you can perform, through the following websites.

Webs or applications to delete or delete all Tweets at once with just 2 clicks:

As you see, it is quite simple to remove all Tweets, even some of the tools mentioned above, allow you to delete only the tweets of the last months, leaving the number of months to choose the user. It is possible that when trying to delete all the Tweets, you see that it takes quite a while, it will depend on whether that tool is being used by many people at the same time, but generally it only takes a couple of seconds.

Once deleted, it is possible that your Twitter account, even check that you have some other Tweet, although these do not appear in your profile, if so, do not worry, this is because Twitter sometimes hidden Tweets very old, And makes them unrecoverable and indelible, but as neither can be seen, you do not have to worry about them.

Anyway, I hope you have helped this article, if so, I hope you share it by social networks or on your website, remember that a comment is always appreciated with your opinion, thank you for your visit and I hope you come back soon.

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