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Today, there are many devices such as mobile phones or tablets, which have Android and iOS operating systems installed, which are intuitive and easy to use, sometimes they put some things difficult, I just do not end To like the way it has to manage certain options.

As is logical and because of this, maybe they are not always as comfortable as we would like in some basic functions like for example is delete photos we have on the phone or tablet that we no longer want to simultaneously delete or back up The contacts, the music …

That is why, there have been several free programs, which allow us to manage our devices in a convenient and fast way through our PC or personal computer, for which we will only have to install a small program, and through performing the actions that Like the ones we have previously described.

In addition to installing new applications, back up the ones we already have, make a complete backup of the system … as you can see these programs have certain functions added, which we could not do without using a PC or not at least in a way So simple.

Other options we can do with these programs is to see the videos and photos we have made and recorded with the mobile on the computer, so if you want to do all these things quickly and easily continue reading because Then I’ll leave several free programs that will allow you to do everything described.

Programs to manage our Smartphones and tablets from the computer:

MoboRobo: The program that will allow us to do this, in both Android and iOS, is called MoboRobo, which in the case of iOS is a fantastic substitute iTunes, which I do not finish convincing me, this program is completely free And you can download them through the following link:

Download MoboRobo

Mobogenie: It is very similar to the previous program, but this is only compatible with Android, but still feel free, something that is grateful and a great alternative to MoboRobo if this will not work correctly.

Download Mobogenie

MobileGo (Payment): Fantastic device manager only compatible with Android, it is paid, but the reason why I comment, is because it has a trial version of 30 days, during which you can access all its tools between Which includes one that will allow you to rotate much of your Android phones, once rooted, you can already install any manager free of the above.

Download Mobilego

Anyway, I hope this article has helped you, if by any chance you knew another program of the style, if possible free, I would appreciate you to share it with me and the rest of the readers of this website, you can do it by writing a Comment at the bottom of the article.

I would also appreciate you to share a link of this article by social networks or in your web blog, since the more people get the information better, lastly, I only have left, thank you for your visit and I hope you will soon stop for me Web.

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