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In a very short time, we could see how those old cell phones that barely fit in our pockets, that only allowed calls and were in black and white, have been transformed into beautiful phones of all sizes, color, with camera And videos, and as they literally have become PCs or handhelds.

However, there is a part of the phone, which unfortunately has not evolved at the same speed, and I mean as you have already imagined the battery of the mobile, which is the one that gives us most problems today, and Which in many phones or Smartphones does not last for 24 hours, without having to reload it, and no longer say how short they last, if we do not stop using it or the battery starts to be a bit worn.

That’s why I decided to write this article, in which I’ll teach you a few tricks so that the battery of the mobile phone lasts longer, the first tricks or tips, will be worth for any mobile, and the following will detail them ordered For those that you can use in an Android mobile, and those that you have to use in a mobile with Ios, since we will use some programilla, and each system has its own.

Tips or tricks to save battery on any mobile or Tablet:

1º Turn off Bluetooth: Many people are accustomed to leave this option activated all day, when it is not usually used, and this consumes a lot of battery, so it is best to disconnect it, and connect it only when necessary.

2º Turn off the GPS: This is another of the options that consume more, and that is usually activated by default, and that nevertheless only use with applications like Google Maps, because in general, it is better to have it disabled.

3º Wi-Fi: This option is usually the same as the previous two, and if it is not being used, it is best to deactivate it, because while it is activated, it is continuously tracing the thousands of Wi-Fi networks that are around us, consuming A lot of battery.

4º Lighting or brightness of the screen: By default, in mobile phones usually go full power, which in addition to dazzling us many times, makes the battery consumes faster, so we can lower the intensity a bit, or test if Gives us the option, the automatic mode.

5º Vibration of the keys: With the disappearance of the buttons, manufacturers have added the function of the mobile vibrate, every time we touch a button, so that we have the feeling, that we are pressing a physical button, a function that consumes Too much battery and can be deactivated.

Tips or tricks to save battery on mobile or Android Tablet:

Advanced Task Killer: Every time we open an application and we exit this, we are opening a program yes, but we are not closing it when leaving, so this application will close the applications with only 2 clicks, thus avoiding that you are Be open consume battery, memory or data rate.

Tips or tricks to save battery on mobile or Tablet with Ios:

Close applications: In Ios, unlike Android, it is the system itself, which has a very simple integrated option to close the applications, although this does not work quite well, as it half closes the application, and it stays Consuming battery and memory, so the first thing we do is close it with the integrated application, this is done by pressing the central button twice, we are the only one on the screen, and when we show the various applications open, in small screens , We just have to drag it up, so it will close to application.

Checker: This application gives us the option to clean memory, which will actually finish closing the applications, and therefore a significant saving of the battery.

Anyway, so far all the advice I can give you, I hope you have been helpful, and if you know any other trick, do not hesitate to share it with me and the rest of readers through a comment, also thank you to share A link of this article in your web or social networks, thanks for your visit and I hope you come back soon.

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