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The other day I uploaded an article, how to perform an automatic cleaning of the fans, to do a little tuning our PS3, as over time, this is in need of some special care, today however, I will Explain how to perform other maintenance, and this is the calibration of the DVD player and Blu Ray.

This calibrated, what it does is to reposition the lens of the reader in the position where it came from the factory, and is that over time, this is slowly moving, causing, therefore, errors in reading our discs, due To an overload that this must do to read them.

Therefore, we must carry out a calibration of the reader of the PS3, which can save us many problems, and it will only take us 2 minutes, and we can do it either, since it is so simple that we do not need some technical knowledge.

How to calibrate the DVD player – Blu Ray of the PS3 and PS3 Slim:

The first thing is to turn on the PS3, and wait for it to enter the home, or the main screen, where we can choose between different and varied entertainment options of the console.

Press the button that allows us to eject the disc (there should be none inside), and hold it down for 2 minutes, during that time, we can hear how to recalibrate the lens of the reader.

Once the 2 minutes have passed, we stop pressing the button, and we can turn off the console.

This maintenance, does not damage the console, if of course not abused it, this maintenance, I advise to do it to the console, once a year, or if you have problems when reading a disk, well, I hope you liked it The article, thanks for your visit and I hope you share the articles and come back soon.

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