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Those fortunate (because of its price), that you are owners of a PS3, either its first version or the Slim version, you will have noticed that with the passage of time this makes more noise than at the beginning when we use it, this is because Over time this console just like happens with our computers, is filled with dust and overheats, which causes the fans to run at maximum power to prevent the console from burning, cooling it as much as possible.

However, there is a console option, which for cases that are not extreme, we can use for the console to perform a self cleaning, without having to open it and lose the warranty, or take it to the technical service and dock us armed , You understand me … Originally, it is not a choice of self cleaning, but test of fans, but works at such a speed that it expels the dust and therefore clean.

Many will have read in other places, that this can damage the console, nothing further from the reality, that is nothing more than the typical bulo that four unconscious touch touches moral (to be educated), without being very clear that is what especially They win with it, unless they charge for repairing consoles is meaningless, in short, it takes only to think and by logic is known, that Sony would not leave a predefined program that could damage the console, in addition, it is even advised By the technical service of Sony, of course it is not something to do every day, you can do it once a month.

How do we perform a self-cleaning of Play Station 3 normal and Slim?

We disconnected from the light the PS3.

Press the button that normally allows us to eject the discs.

Without releasing the button previously pressed, we connect the PS3 to the current, and continue holding the button pressed.

When the PS3 starts to make a loud noise we stop pressing the button and the console will finish the auto cleaning in less than 30 seconds, having tested and cleaned our console, thus avoiding overheating and making so much noise or damage.

Well, I hope this article has served you a lot, I would appreciate your commenting on your experiences with this method, to see how many you have worked, well and finally to thank you for your visit, and I hope you return soon.

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