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Many years ago people communicated through a program called Messenger, a computer program that allowed you to talk to those friends that you had added to your contact list, free and simple, through which you could pass photos , Music and some other files.

But this internet messaging system fell into oblivion to the point of its closure, due to the arrival of smartphones and tablets to the market, which not only ended with such mythical programs as Messenger, but got the use of SMS and Mobile calls are on the move all over the world, thanks to new messaging programs like WhatsApp.

Programs that allow you to send unlimited messages to other people who also have this app installed, only this time they are not applications for the PC, but for Smartphones and tablets, however like any famous program, many criticisms have arisen towards him, from supposed holes Security until it began to charge 89 pennies a year, something that since I buy Facebook is no longer done.

But not only have there been criticisms, but also many alternatives have arisen, that is why I have decided to write an article, in which I show you these alternatives to the well-known WhatsApp, for those who for any reason, are not happy with your current application , Have a list of the most used applications, and therefore with more support that exist, and so you can change it for another one that best suits your needs.

Instant messaging alternatives to WhatsApp:

1º Telegram: The instant messaging application created by the founders of Vkontakte, a Russian social network very similar to Facebook, is available for Android and IOS, this application stands out due to its great security, since the messages are transmitted encrypted, and can Self-destruct if the user so desires, once the recipient has read them.

2º Line: An alternative that recently arrived in Europe, and which has a large user base, is also available for all mobile operating systems, is free and also has a version for computers of a lifetime, which is One of the things that has always been sought in WhatsApp, but that unfortunately have not created.

3º Facebook Messenger: It belongs to the same company as WhatsApp, and although in its beginnings it was necessary a Facebook account to use it, nowadays it is enough with only one phone number, so it can be used as an independent messaging app to talk With other people who also have it installed.

4º Google Allo: It is the new alterative of Google to fight the giants of the messaging market like Facebook, and I say new because it has tried several times with similar applications and so far has not been successful, although everything seems to indicate that this time Yes it has been successful, since in its first days of life, it has already managed to position itself as one of the most downloaded applications in the Google Play Store.

5º WeChat: This application, just arrived in our country, and already has twice as many users as Line, is free and is for all mobile operating systems.

6º Spotbros: It is the alternative to the most downloaded Spanish WhatsApp Google Play, this application contains the possibility of joining groups in which to talk about a specific topic of interest, is something like a mix between WhatsApp and a social network.

So far the alternatives to WhatssApp that I would recommend, if you know others and want to share them with us, write the application and your opinion on it on this page through a comment, thanks for your visit, and I hope you return soon.

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