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Yesterday when I finally got my new mobile phone, I started looking for how to pass the contacts from my iphone 4 to the SIM card, to pass them to the new phone, and surprise, surprise, iOS I do not know why, even if it allows Importing contacts from the SIM, thus facilitating the passage of contacts from Android to iOS, does not allow export contacts stored on the iphone to a SIM card, making it difficult to leave your phone to another competitor.

This problem so serious and sloppy in iOS, makes if you want to pass your iphone contacts to your Android or Windows phone, you have to do it 1 in 1 and manually, which obviously in a nuisance that no one wants to spend, So I started looking for a solution on the internet that would allow me to do it automatically.

Thanks to San Google, and after much searching, I managed to find the solution, there is a program called “My Contacts Backup”, which is available for both iOS and Android, and as the name itself serves to make a copy of Security of the contacts, something that we can do of a very simple form and using only the free version of the program.

But, how to pass the backup of contacts from one phone to the other?

It is a very simple task, too, we first install the application on our Apple phone (the iphone), back up the contacts, when it finishes, which will not take more than a few seconds, will give us the option to send the Copy by email, which we must do, sending this backup to our own email address.

Once we have sent the copy, we go to our new Android phone, we install the same program. And once installed, we enter the email that we had sent with the backup from the Android phone, and we click on the security copy that is attached, in this way and without doing anything else, we will see how the program name ” My Contacts Backup “automatically opens and restores the contacts in our Android phone, then you just have to check if the restoration of the contacts has been done correctly, for which you only have to check that the contacts are in the contacts section.

Anyway, I hope this article has helped you and you have saved the work of making the change manually and 1 to 1, any doubt, opinion or comment are always welcome, thanks for your visit and I hope you come back to visit me soon.

* “My Contacts Backup” is available on both the Apple Store and Google Play and is free.

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