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Nowadays, it has become very common in the network or in any other digital medium, that we find files with the format and extension .ZIP or .RAR among others, this extension means that file or folder has been compressed in The formats whose name is the same as its extension, ie in ZIP or RAR.

Which is very beneficial if we want to save space is our hard drive, either for lack of space, for simple efficiency or because you are going to send a file or network and you do not want to consume much bandwidth, or you want to upload it Quickly to the network.

In order to compress files, many will know the Windows program called Winrar, which is not only payment, but is not available for Mac, and although there are other alternatives it is difficult to choose between them and more when most alternatives are paid , And let’s face it, although we all like a good program, nobody likes to pay.

The good thing is that in the world of computing there is a large number of free software, legal and good, you just have to know how to search, and to save you that work I decided to write this article, in which I will explain the best free programs for That you can compress and decompress all the files and folders you want on Mac in a simple way, then you can find such programs.

Free programs to compress and decompress ZIP and RAR files on Mac OS:

Keka: It is for me the best free program to compress and decompress files on Mac, it is in Spanish and it is compatible with multiple formats.

IPackr: Compatible with several formats, fast and free, its only drawback, if you can say that it has one, is that it is in English, but they are only 2 words and it is perfectly understood.

Unrar Expander Mac: It is a current program, which allows us to compress and decompress in just a couple of clicks, fast and simple, currently only available in English.

Hamster: This curious name application is fast, compatible with multiple formats and easy to use, its only problem is that during its use, either for compressing or for decompressing, it remains in the foreground, which is annoying if the You want to do other actions.

RarExpander: It is a free and simple program to compress and decompress files, although the language is only in English, which can be an impediment for some.

These are the programs that I can recommend you to compress and decompress files on Mac, I hope you like them and help you, in case you have used them, I hope you tell me your opinion, just like if you knew any other program Free for the same purpose, I hope you write it also in a comment so that we can benefit both myself and the rest of readers, the more programs and information we have all about our system and tools better, thank you for your visit and I hope you come back soon.

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