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CD and DVD has become popular for many years as a means to enjoy music and movies in new digital formats, which substantially improved the quality of video and sound of VHS tapes and cassettes, which were the formats that had coexisted With us for more than a decade, and all this reducing much the space that they occupied, which was much appreciated considering the space that we gain in the bookstores and shelves of our houses.

That is why, for many years, all computers including obviously the Mac, have an integrated CD and DVD burner, but nevertheless usually go without a program that allows us to burn CDs and DVDs, and in case of a predetermined , This is usually not particularly good, which forces us generally to look for a better quality alternative.

This leads us to find a multitude of internet programs for this purpose, most for other operating systems, and those that are for Mac are usually paid and not exactly cheap. That’s why I’m writing this article, to teach you some of the best free programs to burn CDs and DVDs on Mac, without spending a single euro and also easy to use.

Then I’ll put the programs that I recommend, obviously there are more, but I do not want to list 20 programs, when in the end there are only 3 or 4 that are truly worthwhile, so I reduce the search time and assure you one Good choice, I’ll leave you with the recording programs, I hope you are useful.

Free programs to burn CDs and DVDs on Mac Os:

Express Burn: Within the recording programs I have found is the most complete, although it is in English, but can be perfectly understood, since the English words that appear gives the chance that in Spanish are almost the same.

LiquidCD: A complete CD and DVD recorder, is the most used, so it is a good choice but you want to eat your head a lot.

Burn: Another fairly complete and used free program, with a design that reminiscent of iTunes, is focused mainly on CD but also records DVD.

SimplyBurns: A great CD burner, extremely simple, but with a big failure, it does not burn video DVDs, although if you record data DVDs, so if you do not usually record video in DVD video format, surely it is your best option.

LiquidCD: It is the last of the applications that I can recommend, it is free is simple and it is available in several languages, it has a forum of support for doubts and records both CD and DVD.

So far all free CD and DVD burning programs that I can recommend, if you know any other do not hesitate to share it through a commentary so that the other readers also know it, I would also appreciate you to share a link of this article with The people you think you might be interested in, thanks for your visit and I hope you come back soon.

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