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One of the things we use most today, are emails, especially for things related to work or class, since for other things we have started to use other alternatives like Whatsapp, Line or Telegram, even so, the mail Electronic, far from losing its throne, is still one of the most used internet services.

Which has also caused several companies to leave mail as Gmail, Outllok, Yahoo … and also, that we use several accounts at a time, which makes it difficult to properly control all our accounts as distributed on different mail servers, unless That we check them all, every day, which is not usually done, or if it is done, it is easy for us to pass some.

It is precisely for this reason that I want to show you a solution to this problem, which many of you already know, these are mail managers, which help us to centralize under a single program the management of all our mail accounts, as well Once we have added our email accounts manually, every time we open the program it will download all the new emails, making management much easier and saving us a lot of time, besides it is much more difficult for us to get an email.

Although one of the problems that many managers present, is that they are only able to manage only one company’s emails, or they are for payment, so the mail managers that you will find below, support the email management of the most famous companies And they are also free, so you will save a few euros a year.

Free Email Managers for iOS

Incredimail: It supports the mail servers of the most important companies like Yahoo, Gmail, Outlok … This manager, stands out for having a modern graphical interface and very careful.

Lightmail: One of the characteristics that makes this manager stand out from the rest is the fact that it allows us to manage from a single screen all the files of the various emails received, also supports multiple servers and contains push notifications .

MyMail: It supports a multitude of mail servers, it does not have a unified tray, but if it has push notifications, so we do not need to get in the application, since it warns us when the mail arrives, its interface was created with The visibility of iOS 7.

In short, so far the best mail managers that I recommend you, if you know any other that you liked and works well, do not hesitate to share it with us through a comment, the more alternatives we know better, and I only have I thank you for your visits, and I hope you will return soon.

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