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The use of electronic mail has been popular among the public for a long time, because of its gratuitousness, its ease of use and the speed of communication with a person, it has become so popular that today there are a multitude of companies. Mail, such as Outlook, Yahoo !, Gmail …

Surely, to many you will have passed, that between some things and others, you have been accumulating a lot of mail accounts, in my case they are 2 or 3, which causes that to consult the mail forces us to identify ourselves in different web pages of Mail, to be able to check the new emails every day, which becomes a very monotonous process.

To solve this problem, we created the so-called mail managers, which allow us to manage all our mail accounts from a single program, to which we must add the accounts manually once, so that from there, every time we open This program, this download all the new emails in one place, saving us much time and work.

But since there are a lot of managers, and not all of them good, I decided to write this article, with the intention of simplifying the search for the best mail managers, so you only have to select one among a few, and not only have I looked for it to be Good, but free, since it always comes right to save a few euros as long as the result is still as good.

Free Email Managers for Mac Os:

Mozilla Thunderbird: The famous multiplatform mail manager, created by Mozilla, the creators of Firefox, for me is undoubtedly the best mail manager, so I recommend you try this and if you like you do not think it over.

Opera Mail: It is the mail manager for Mac of the famous Internet browser Opera, a browser that is nowadays little used, but that once won the affection of many, and that surely will do it among Mac users with its Mail manager, since although Opera is not widely used, it has always been a benchmark of quality in all its applications.

Mulberry: It is one of the best mail managers that exists for Mac, it is easy, fast and perfect for those who like to ensure a great privacy, since it is precisely in the strong point that they have wanted to empower with this program.

Zimbra Desktop: A mail manager with great social options, since it also allows to control the messages on Twitter, Facebook … while we manage our mail, also we have it for other platforms.

PostBox: A mail manager with lots of options, although sometimes can become a little slow, if we read conversations with attachments.

Well these are the few mail managers that I can recommend you, ordered by recommendation order from more to less, although all are a great option, if you had good experiences with other managers I would appreciate you sharing it with us through a comment , Thanks for your visits and I hope you come back soon.

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