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Nowadays our computer has become a whole multimedia entertainment center, and is that we no longer use it just to work, we also use it to play all kinds of videos and music, either because we have them stored in the computer , On some physical media such as a CD or DVD, or over the internet using a web browser.

But if we want to play any music and video file safely, there are two things we need, one is a good video player and music, which if you do not have one you can look at it in my other article Free music and video players for Mac OS and the other one is a good package of codes, that assure us that our reproducers will be able to reproduce our content.

Since sometimes when we try to play a video or a song, our player gives us an error, and this is due to the fact that the players rely on other smaller programs called codecs to play all kinds of video and audio formats, but If you lack any of these, is when you give us problems to reproduce certain formats.

To avoid such errors, and to be able to play all kinds of multimedia files on our Mac computer, you need to install a good package of codecs, although unfortunately there are not many on the net, so in this article, I’ll show you the 2 more Important ordered by order of importance from highest to lowest.

If you know any other pack of codecs that is not mentioned in this article, it is grateful that you share it with us, with a comment, that costs nothing, in short, I leave you with the packages of codecs that I recommend you and I hope your opinion.

Mac codec packs:

VLC: The package that I recommend you, includes your own player, and between you can play all kinds of videos and songs, and every time you use it will warn you if there are updated codecs, and with a simple click will update them.

Perian: It is a package of codecs, which will make QuickTime play a large number of formats, and in case you continue to have problems you can always use the first option.

Mplayer: Is a player of videos and music that takes its own integrated codecs to reproduce almost any type of format, its codecs will not be useful to the other browsers, since it is not a package of codecs for the computer, auqnue in case The two packages of previous codecs have not worked, which I doubt, would be a very good choice, that will help you reproduce whatever you want.

Unfortunately, I have not been able to find any more codec packs for Mac, because I do not know why codec developers are not very interested in this operating system, I imagine that for the cost of licenses they would have to face … but I know the package well Of VLC and I know that with it you will not have any problems, and as I said before, if you knew others, comment it, thanks for your visit and I hope you return soon.

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