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In the past computers were something that was only used and used for work and little more, however and fortunately, nowadays they have become a multimedia and leisure center capable of replacing other household appliances such as the DVD player or music mini-cassette.

But to be able to reproduce all types of music and videos, not only does it require a physical computer, but a good program that is capable of reproducing all the formats of music and video that we want without problems, these programs are called multimedia players, which Fortunately today there are many free and they are very good.

However, due to the large number of players on the network, it may be an odyssey to decide what would be the best alternative, so I decided to write this article, where I will advise you about the best players there are for The time for the operating system Mac Os, so you only have to choose between a few, and you do not have to eat your head a lot trying dozens of them until you find the one that suits you best, sure to work perfectly.

Of course, this selection of music and video players that I will show you, are completely free, so you will not have to worry, that these players, make us spend more money, on a computer that is already a bit expensive.

Free Music and Video Players for Mac OS:

VLC Media Player: One of the most popular music and video players in the world, since it is multiplatform, and also includes an updated codec package, which will make it possible to play any type of video and audio format.

5Kplayer: This player is able to play almost any video and audio format, is compatible with Airplayer, and has a graphical interface somewhat more careful than many competing programs.

Movist: Like VLC, it brings its own codecs, to be able to reproduce all kinds of formats, it is free code, and of course free.

Mplayer X: One of the best music and video players, it reproduces a large number of formats without having to install codecs, it is also multiplatform, so you can also install it in Windows or Linux.

El Media Player: It is a little known player but it will not disappoint you, it comes with a very basic graphical interface but at the same time taken care of, which will allow us to play almost any file easily, free and simple.

Well, these are the video and music players that I can recommend, if any of you have tried or known some other program that may be interesting, I encourage you to share it with all of us through a comment, I hope this article If you have any doubts, make it through a comment and I will answer as soon as I read it, and I just have to thank you for the visit and I hope you will come back very soon.

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