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For several years now, mobile or mobile phones have evolved into what we now call Smartphone, and with them have evolved operating systems, emerging among others the most used mobile operating system with almost 90% market share, Yes sir, we are talking about Android.

This operating system has certainly captivated the world, its ease of use and the large number of applications or programs that we can install through the Play Store or downloading them directly from the internet, which I do not advise because they are more insecure, better Always download them from the Play Store.

However, there is a fairly common problem with Android Smartphones, which is not the fault of the operating system, but the manufacturers of mobile phones or cell phones, and is that these usually come with very little internal memory and also with many applications installed factories , Which some can be uninstalled and some not, which causes that we can not install all the applications that we would like to have.

That’s why I’ve written this article, to show you how to move the applications from your Android Smartphone to your Micro SD card, so that you can install all the applications you want and move them one by one, as you can see below.

How to move or move applications from your Android Smartphone to your Micro SD card:

It is very easy, in versions 4.4 to 5.1 we just have to open the Android menu, go to the settings option and press on the applications option, in it we must pass the screen to the option all, to see all the applications , Press on the applications that we want to move from the Smartphone to the Micro SD card and we will see the following screen:


As you see in the previous image, you will see an option that says Move to SD card, press and that application will move to the Micro SD card, if on the contrary we see as in the image that the box goes gray, it is because it is An application of the System and can not be moved, in which case we can disable it by pressing on disable, after which also uninstall the updates of that application making it also occupy less and increasing our space.

However in Android 6 Marshmallow or higher the thing changes, since in this case to be able to move applications to the Micro SD card, we will have to convert the Micro SD card into internal memory, for that we will have to insert a Micro SD card into the phone Mobile, and format it from the same device for which we will go to system settings, “Storage” option. There you have to select the SD card installed in the device and choose the option that says “Format SD card as internal storage” after which we will get the following screen, where we must press Delete and format:

Once formatted you will have to go to the Android, Settings, Storage and USB applications menu and there you can see that the capacity of the internal memory and the Micro SD card have been merged, although internally it even differentiates the internal storage from the external one, so one Here, to move the application from the actual internal memory to the Micro SD card, you must select the option “Internal Storage”, and then press on the Applications option.

After that a list with all the installed applications will be displayed, we will only have to press on the application that we want, and we will enter in the options of storage of this, now we press on the option “to change” and will let us to select if we want that it is stored On the Micro SD card or leave it in the internal memory, we will obviously select “Micro SD Card”.

So, here is the tutorial to learn how to pass the applications of our Android Smartphone, to a Micro SD card, also I leave here a link about another article where I explain how to disable or uninstall those applications that we do not want, You can also go to the Micro SD card, thanks for your visit and I hope you come back soon.

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