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Nowadays, every time we buy a new phone, this usually comes with a lot of factory installed applications that we do not care about, these applications also called programs or APP, manufacturers usually install them not to improve the user experience or because Are necessary, but because they have economic agreements with the creators of such applications.

But not only do they not improve our experience of use, but also the rather numb, because they consume many of our resources, to start consuming space in the internal memory, which is usually scarce, also consume RAM and processor power, and That even when closed, these applications continue running in the background and therefore consuming resources like the aforementioned, that is not counting the battery, which also melts.

And in addition to all of the above, I have to tell you that they cost you money, if you read well, they cost you money, and that is because as I have said are always running in the background, and why do? Because like most applications of Android to gather information of the tastes of the users that then automatically send to the owners of said programs, and this does it using internet, that is to say that consumes us data rate and therefore costs us money.

And how can we avoid this ?: very easy, it will be enough to uninstall the applications that we do not want in our mobile, and if any of them can not be uninstalled, we will disable it, since when it is disabled it returns to its basic version, which occupies Much less, and will no longer launch updates, nor run in the background, so we stop consuming resources, and best of all is that we can do this without needing to be root or administrator, we will only have to have the Version of Android 4.4 Kit Kat or a higher version.

How to uninstall or disable factory preinstalled applications on Android without Root:

It is very easy, we just have to open the Android menu, go to the settings option and press on the applications option, in it we must pass the screen until the option all, to see all the applications, press on the one that we want to uninstall Or disable and the following screen will appear:

It is here when you will see whether or not you can uninstall it, if the uninstall option is allowed for that application, then it will appear and you only have to press it. If on the contrary you have the options Uninstall update and Disable, it is because it can not be uninstalled, so you must give it to disable, after which it will inform you or ask that when it is disabled it will not be able to be used and also the updates will be uninstalled as well Accept and continue the process.

If you know which applications you can or do not uninstall or disable, I’ll give you some advice to differentiate them, you can uninstall or disable all those applications that appear in the Android menu except Gmail, Play Store and the ones you want to keep because they really are necessary to fulfill a function.

If by mistake you have disabled an application or program that you need, you just have to do the same steps as to disable it, but within applications and the disabled section, there we can see all the applications that we have disabled, and re-enable them, entering the That we want to enable and press that option.

The good thing about being able to disable or uninstall applications that we do not want, even without Root, is that our phone works much better by consuming much less, we will save data rate, and also we can give a second life to older Smartphones less powerful, Not having applications now running in the background, would work much better, if you wanted to do Root on your phone to uninstall all the applications you have disabled, then I leave a link on how you can do it in two clicks.

How to root or rotate an Android mobile phone easily

Anyway, I hope this article has helped you and now your phone works better, do not hesitate to write your opinion or doubts, I will reply as soon as you read, you can also write some constructive criticism or provide some advice, Thank you for your visit and hope to come back very soon.

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