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Lately you can read a lot of references in internet articles about how important it is to make root on your mobile phone or Android Tablet, or you may have heard of a friend or co-worker comment, and that’s when I The first time I heard it, you look like “What is this saying?

But do not worry, it is normal because nobody is born learned, the important thing is to worry about learning, and that is what has brought you here, so I will explain what is to do root on your mobile or Android Tablet and What advantages does it make or not.

What is root or rootear a mobile phone or Android Tablet?

Root or rootear a mobile phone or Android Tablet, is the process by which we become the user administrator of our mobile phone or Android Tablet, for which there are many free and paid manuals and programs to get it, some very complicated And other free to pair with singles, programs that I leave in another article whose link I leave you at the end of this, in case you are encouraged to do so.

Why use root or rootear a mobile phone or Android Tablet?

As root or rootear a mobile phone or Tablet Android is used to perform certain actions previously voided by the manufacturer, such as uninstall garbage and promotion applications that come with the mobile and consume resources such as battery, free space, memory And in some cases up to our data rate.

It also serves to change the room of the phone, understand room as an operating system, and so update it for a newer version of the operating system, but this is already for more advanced users, and involves many problems, since unofficial rooms usually have Many kinds of problems, so I do not recommend it.

My recomendation:

Do not hesitate to root your phone, although that if previous backup of all data, once you have done root, you can uninstall using other free programs all those programs that are installed by default and you do not want, that alone Uninstall those programs that you know, do not uninstall anything you do not know what it is not going to load your phone, although normally in case of error can be solved with a factory data reset.

Anyway, I hope you liked my article, remember that your opinions are appreciated and that you share the article through a link through social networks or in your web blog, then I leave you the link of an article that will be of much Help if you finally say rootear your Android phone, thanks for your visit and I hope you come back soon.

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