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Nowadays every time we buy a mobile phone or Tablet with Android, usually comes with a multitude of software installed factory, including a multitude of programs that we do not want and that make our terminal work worse than it should, as these applications Installed at the factory we consume resources such as battery, data rate, RAM, storage memory …

It is because of this that for some time now there is a way to get rid of all those preinstalled programs that are so annoying and that before we could not uninstall, for this we need to rootear our mobile device or Tablet or what is the same, become an administrator with Full powers of our terminal.

Although there are many ways to rootear mobile phones and tablets, I have decided to bring in this article the simplest and of course free, so that anyone can rootear your mobile without paying or have advanced knowledge on computing, With the programs that I bring you will be as simple as connecting the phone to the computer and give a few clicks. Here’s how to rotate the mobile, and with what programs we can later uninstall the programs that were installed at the factory, as these can not be uninstalled from the Google Play app store:

Programs to root or roote a mobile phone or Android Tablet in a quick and simple way:

MobileGo: A great program, which for 30 days allows us to rootear phones in a simple way, in addition to backing up our phone from the computer, manage the photos … to rootear our mobile phone we just have to connect our phone to the computer, and Once the program has recognized it we must go to Tools >> Access to superuser, in this process will install a program in our mobile to carry out the process, and at the end of the program the program will tell us if the root has gone well or not, In case it has not come out well, it will be necessary to prove with the following application.

Download MobileGo

Kingo Root: One of my favorite applications, has the application for Windows, which will need to install another on your mobile to perform the root or we can directly download the application for Android, in both cases just download, let the phone recognize and Press the root option, and wait until you tell us if you have succeeded or not.

Download Kingo Root

Root Genius: This program is very simple, just download it, run it and give it the option root now, after which the rooting process will begin.

Download Root Genius

Iroot: Like Kingo Root, it has a version for Windows and another one directly for the Android phone, although Iroot is more oriented to rootear mobile of low cost, mainly Chinese, although it has a great database, reason why it is able to rootear A lot of terminals with a single click (cut it in Windows, you have to choose advanced installation and deselect 6 or 7 programs that try to install next to Iroot, and during the rooteo will also install applications in the mobile, remember to uninstall them later).

Download Iroot

One Click Root: Very simple, its operation is the same as Root Genius.

Download One Click Root

* To rootear any mobile with any of these programs, you will ask that the mobile is in debug mode.

Well, so far all the simple and free programs I know to perform root on your mobile phone or Android Tablet, to ensure that the root has gone correctly, we can do it with the Root Checker program, there are several under that name and it will be worth Any of them, yes, these if you can download them through Google Play.

Once you are sure your mobile or Tablet has been rooted, you just have to go to uninstall all that trash that you have uninstalled the manufacturer and do not want, remember that now you can uninstall anything, so be careful not load the system, So uninstall only those applications that you know are programs and not parts of the system.

To uninstall these programs, we must go to Google Play and download and install some of the following programs, which will allow us to uninstall whatever we want: Application Remover, Root Uninstaller, Root App Deleter …

In case you uninstall something that makes the system not work well, perform a factory reset, this will erase everything you have done so far and you have to start from the beginning. What you must do also, in case you have any breakdown and you want to take the technical service, and sometimes some companies if they see that it has been rooted do not cover the warranty.

Anyway, I hope you liked this article and it has helped you, remember to share a link of this article in social networks or on your web or blog, thanks for your visit and I hope you come back soon.

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