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One of the most used tools and that everyone should have on your computer, are the programs to compress and decompress files or files, so that any file or group of files can be compressed and therefore occupy less space in our HDD.

Being able to compress and decompress files, it is a very useful option if for the reason that your hard disk had little capacity or available memory or if for example it is a file that you want to send by internet and your speed of rise or of descent of the person To which you send it has little speed of internet, something that we must take into account when sending attachments in an email, or through services in the cloud.

Given the importance of being able to compress and decompress files, it is necessary to have a good program for those functions, which is why I have decided to write this article, in which I will show you the best programs to compress and decompress ZIP files and RAR (the formats most used to compress files or files) that exist for the operating system in Linux.

Obviously and as is usually standard on my website and everything related to Linux, the programs I show you, are not only good and simple to use, but also completely free, so you do not have to spend neither a euro nor You do not have to resort to practices not advisable and advised that it is not necessary to name, then you can find such programs.

Programs to compress and decompress ZIP and RAR files in Linux:

Peazip: For me the best program for compressing and decompressing Linux files, it supports more than 100 different compression formats, it is in multiple languages ​​and it is multiplatform.

P7zip: This is the version for Linux of the famous compressor of Windows 7zip, it is a good program, although it is only in English, which is not a big problem due to its simplicity of use.

Ark: Usually it comes by default in Linux distributions that use KDE desktop, but in case it is not your case you can download it and install it in your distribution, it is quite fast and it supports a great variety of formats.

Zipper: It is compatible with the following formats lha, lzx, tar, gzip, bzip, zip, rar, 7z and 7za.

B1 Free Archiver: Another great program to compress and decompress ZIP and RAR files in Linux, since it is 100% free, it is available for all operating systems, it is simple and fast, it is for personal and commercial use, let’s be a jewel.

Anyway, I hope you have helped with this article, if you know any other program of this type and that this updated, share it with me and the rest of readers through a comment, remember also that it is always appreciated and is good for everyone who shares the Link of this article by social networks or in your own blog, and I have nothing more to tell you, thanks for your visit and I hope you come back soon.

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