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One of the things I least like doing a dual installation of Linux with Windows, is that in most Linux, the Grub or boot loader that is installed is horrible, especially in the Ubuntu family that is black and white and It does not include any default background image, as if it does for example Suse Linux, that although it is not personalizable if it becomes quite more showy.

Formerly, with the previous version of Linux Grub, there were many programs to customize the Grub in a graphical and simple way, but with the output of Grub 2, I do not know why these programs do not upgrade to be compatible with the new version , So customizing Grub 2 with an image, has become a very difficult task.

However, after much research, I found a simple graphic program, which allows us to modify and customize Grub 2, in a thousand different ways with just a few clicks, from adding a background image, to choosing the source with the Which will show the options of Grub 2, the color of the letters, the order of each operating system, how long it will take to choose an option and which one will be the default in case you do not manually choose any.

The program that allows us to do everything previously named, called “Grub Customizer”, and so far is the only one that has allowed me to add an image to Grub 2 in a quick and simple, since there are many manuals online Make it modified system files (something dangerous) and using the command line.

But besides that I have not managed to get any manual working (I’ll assume that by mistake of mine), I see it too complicated, and I think we should make it easier to use Linux as much as possible, so that more and more More people are using this great free operating system, free and stable, that is why today I decided to give you this program, so that you can also customize your Grub 2 to your liking, to install this program see the steps that are Below.

To install the Grub Customizer through the command line, we go to the terminal and execute the following commands:

Sudo add-apt-repository ppa: danielrichter2007 / grub-customizer
Sudo apt-get update
Sudo apt-get install grub-customizer

We can also download the latest version of the web, which comes compressed in a targ.gz file, which I’ll leave you in a link at the end of the whole article, anyway, I hope you liked the article, and you have found it That you were looking for, if so, do not hesitate to write a comment or to share an article link in social networks or your blog or web, if you have any question ask her through a comment and I will answer the charm in the story read it, and alone I have to thank you for your visit, and I hope you will return soon to visit me.

You can download Grub Customizer from the following link: Download Grub Customizer

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