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One of the most widespread uses today of the computer, is without a doubt the use as a multimedia device to play all kinds of files such as music, movies … either online or for example in Netflix, which is not necessary Have no video or music player installed on the computer, or those files that we have saved on the computer.

In the latter case it is necessary to have a good video player or music, because otherwise, we may have problems trying to play such files, and we may have errors such as not recognizing the files and we can not play them Until they are displayed with poor image quality.

But you do not have to worry, because thanks to God there are a multitude of programs to reproduce these types of files, and in fact there are so many, that for those new users in computing, it can be a long task to decide for one of them.

The problem is growing, if the operating system used is Linux, because unfortunately there is less information, and people to ask you opinion, that is why I have decided to write this article, to help all those who are looking for a good program for Play videos and music, and walk a little lost.

I must add that these programs are free, as expected with a free operating system, and as I always try to show you, because I do not see the need to spend money on programs, which can usually be found free, legal and often a lot Better than the payment, then I leave you with the programs I have found.

Music and video players for Linux:

VLC: A great player, which includes its own codecs that will allow you to play any video or music file without any problems, its graphical interface is not very nice, but it consumes little and reproduces everything, which is the important thing, no doubt Some is the player that I recommend for both video and music, you will be delighted with it.

Mplayer: One of the best known players, due to its good operation and that is available for all operating systems, is certainly a great alternative to VLC.

KMplayer: It is a complete player that plays all kinds of formats both video and music, as the interface is somewhat more careful than other alternatives.

Totem: It is another of the default players of some Linux distribution, which plays both video and music, and surely you have already tried one of you.

So far, all the videos and music players that I can recommend, especially and as I said before VLC, which for me is the most complete, and the one that has the most support, although the choice is yours, I hope you tell me Your opinions and experiences with these or other players that you think should be part of this list, thank you for your visit, and I hope you return soon.

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