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One of the big problems that we have always suffered with our computers is the fact that these could easily be infected with some type of virus or malware in general, which has always made it necessary for us to have a good antivirus, but times have Changed and our browsing habits as well.

And of course, viruses have also evolved to affect not only our computers, but with the rise of mobile devices such as phones and tablets, these have also begun to affect such devices and their most widely used Android operating system, too Have multiplied the amount of viruses and malicious applications for this operating system, it could be said that in terms of amount of virus is the new Windows.

This type of virus for new devices is even more dangerous than we have had in our lives for the entire PC, because we all have money on the mobile, and many of these viruses are specifically aimed at stealing money via For example SMS Premium or handling our mobile by remote control, sending massive messages from our phone to the contacts in our contact list (SPAM), charged to our clear card.

That is why I have decided to write this article, to avoid that you can be affected by this type of virus, recommended antivirus pretty good and also free, so that we save some money, the list of free antivirus is as follows .

Free antivirus list recommended for Android:

AhnLab V3 Mobile Security: Perhaps little known on desktop computers, but on Android phones has a very high detection, and all this being free, certainly a great choice.

Bitdefender: From this famous computer antivirus, we have two variants on Android, the most basic called Bitdefender antivirus Free that is free, and another more complete called Mobile Security & Antivirus, although the second one is already paid, but quiet since the version Free, as far as antivirus functionality is concerned is just as good, only that it has fewer add-ons than the other version.

Avast: It is one of the most famous, since many already use it on the home PC, it should be noted that among other advantages includes the possibility of filtering calls by phone number, thus preventing unwanted phones from contacting us .

AVG Free Antivirus: Another one of the most used in the house, and which has many advantages, such as the fact that you can track the mobile in case of loss, and also to block it at a distance in case of loss so you can not use another one while We tracked him down.

Avira Antivirus Security: One of the oldest antivirus, and has always been successful, its features are very similar to the antivirus mentioned above, but this is free in its basic version, if we want more functionality beyond the antivirus A fee will have to be paid.

Comodo: Famous multiplatform antivirus that we can find for any operating system, always free and effective, although the version for Android contains advertising.

Dr. Safety: This antivirus of so little name, belongs in fact to the famous antivirus company Trend Micro, is free and contains advertisements, is another great alternative for our phones if we do not like any of the above recommendations.

And so far I can recommend you, take into account that all of the above are free and with a security at the level of those who are paid, and even in some cases is superior also ask if any of you have suffered some type of infection The phone, tell us what affect you, to raise awareness of the need to be always protected against all kinds of computer threats, especially if these can cost us a good economic shock, anyway, thanks for your visit and I hope Come back soon.

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