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After recommending that web browser to use, for almost all the operating systems that exist, now it is the turn to adalid operating system of free software Linux, that although most of the distributions usually have a built-in default browser that is very good Be Firefox, some carry other little known and reliable browsers like Rekonq.

But even if some distribution of Linux takes its own either Reconq or any other, these usually do not have the means to keep them updated to the latest technologies, and have become quite outdated, which greatly hinders a good internet browsing experience , Making navigation slow or even insecure because the security holes of such programs take a long time to solve them.

It is precisely for this reason, for which I have decided to write an article, in which I recommend you the best Web browsers that you can install on Linux today, with the assurance that you will be sailing safely, quickly and easily.

Almost all the browsers that you will see next, they already sound to you for having used them previously in Windows, Android or other operating systems, this is because the best browsers of the market are usually multiplatform and these are available for all the systems, which Will make it easier to adapt to Linux, since it will be one less thing to learn, anyway, then I leave you with the list of recommended web browsers for Linux.

List of recommended Web browsers for Linux:

Firefox: The famous red fox browser, this browser stands out for its great speed and security, besides allowing us different possibilities of customization thanks to multiple add-ons, it is one of the most used browsers by default in Linux, I recommend using it.

Google Chrome: The famous Google browser, is safe, fast and consumes less resources than Firefox, so it is also a good choice if you like Firefox or your computer is very old.

Chromium: It is a browser based on Google Chrome, but 100% free, is a good option if you do not work well Google Chrome, or you prefer to be 100% free, now I recommend using Google Chrome before, since being the Parent browser, you will always receive upgrades before Chromium.

Opera: A browser that had better times, but has gradually lost its fame, but that has not caused developers to leave this browser, which has continued to advance and innovate, and is available for all platforms , So it is also a good option, although I also recommend using the other options that I have explained, as having more resources have the ability to create better browsers and provide them with more support.

Anyway, so far all browsers that I have been able to recommend, I hope this article has helped you, if you have any doubt or opinion, show it through a comment and I will reply as soon as I read it, thank you very much for your visit And I hope you come back very soon.

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