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Years ago we only surfed the internet in a way, and that was through a desktop computer that we had at home, at work or in the locutorio that we all had close, and Internet was navigated with that famous Internet Explorer , Said web browser was as famous as slow and unsafe unfortunately.

Fortunately, with the passage of time technology has evolved a lot, and today, and with each passing day, it is becoming more and more common to surf the internet through new mobile devices such as tablets, smartphones, phablets … Some devices that allow us to be connected to the internet while we go in the subway, the bus … and practically from anywhere in a constant way.

The problem comes when the browser we use is not of good quality, and we see how our navigation becomes very slow, even not loading some web pages or loading them poorly. Fortunately we are not in the 90’s, and we are not forced to use a single browser as it was then, and is that web browsers have also evolved a lot, and we can find a variety of alternatives, many of them very good.

That is why I have decided to write this article, to recommend which are the best web browsers that you can install on your device with Android system, the browsers that I will recommend you have been chosen in terms of speed, support and security.

That are also very important parameters, because a browser without a good support, will not be updated or read well new websites that use technologies that have emerged after its creation, and we are not interested, and they will not correct their security holes leaving us Exposed to being infected with a virus. Then you can see the list of browsers that I recommend.

List of recommended web browsers for Android:

Google Chrome: Without a doubt the fastest browser of all and that best integrates into Android, and it is not surprising, since this browser was created and belongs to the same company as Android, that is, both belong to the almighty Google, The good thing about this browser is that it goes by default on most Android devices, so as it is so good and is already installed, why not use it?

Firefox: One of the best known cross-platform browsers, it is fast and secure, its first versions for Android left a lot to be desired, but little by little it has been improving to become the best alternative to the main browser Google Chrome, also usually allow us to move To the SD card, so we will not have to worry about the space it occupies. In addition, you can install Adblock Plus in the same way as the desktop version, which allows us to navigate without advertising.

Opera Mini: It was one of the first Web browsers that were launched for Android, it is very fast and consumes very few resources, perfect if you have a low-cost or low-power mobile, although for certain websites I notice better performance with Web browsers Above.

Dolphin Browser: One of the best known browsers for Android, is very fast and has many tools such as Sonar that allows us to perform searches by voice.

So far the browsers that I personally recommend you for your own experience, because of its security and speed, which for me are the 2 main features that must be fulfilled by any browser, well I hope you have served this article, and that you comment your experiences with the Browsers, farewells and thanks for your visit.

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