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The world of computing has been one of those that has revolutionized the world in the last century, and which has changed our lives better, especially since the arrival of the internet, also called the network of networks, from which we can access To all types of multimedia content such as books, movies, music …

But not everything on the internet is good, since taking advantage of that when we are connected to the internet, we are all connected to each other, there are people with very bad intentions that is dedicated to creating viruses, with the sole purpose of being able to steal data Or damage our computer.

Although not all computers are equally vulnerable to such viruses, because according to their operating system, are more or less resilient, for example computers with the Linux operating system, are much more complicated to infect than those with the Windows operating system.

Linux is a system that has been on the market for many years, and although like Mac, it has always enjoyed the reputation of being immune to viruses and threats from the network, unfortunately it is not so, but as I say in paragraph Previous is only more resistant or difficult to infect but not impossible, since with the passage of time have been coming out many viruses all operating systems, although compared to Windows, you could say that the number of threats is almost nonexistent, but by Unfortunately it is not so.

It is for this reason, for which I have decided to write this article, with the intention that all of you can be protected against all types of threats like malware, spyware, viruses … in a simple and free, for this then I will put a list Of free antivirus for Linux next to the link of its download, and if necessary, an explanation of how to install it.

List of free antivirus for Linux:

Comodo: Probably the best antivirus at the moment for Linux, is not only free and has a large community of followers in Windows for its effectiveness, but also has real-time protection, very important if we want to be protected full time .

Download Comodo antivirus for Linux

ClamAv: This antivirus is used from the terminal, is very famous for its antiquity in the Linux community, integrates very well with the operating system and consumes few resources, the good thing is also if you want to manage it through a graphical interface, You can do installing the ClamTk plugin, the bad thing is that it does not have protection in real time, so if we do not pass it by ourselves, it will not do anything, it is still an excellent antivirus support, if you want to install this antivirus you should enter The following link, there everything is well explained.

Installing antivirus for Linux ClamAV plus ClamTK GUI

F-PROT: This is a little known antivirus, but after all an antivirus, so in case you are not convinced others, you can use this.

Download F-PROT

F-Secure: Antivirus with a great trajectory in Windows, that certainly serves as precedent to recommend it.

Download F-Secure antivirus for Linux

Well I hope that this list of antivirus has helped you, I know it is not very long, but there are so few people using Linux that companies have stopped making anti-virus for Linux, because it is not profitable, bad news no doubt, As it increases the insecurity of its users.

My recommendation is that you install the Comodo antivirus and use ClamAv with the ClamTK interface as a support antivirus, remember to comment on what the article looked like and what your experience with the antivirus was in the one described, thank you very much for your visit and thanks For your visit and I hope you come back soon.

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