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Among the many distributions of Linux that exist today, there are some that have decided to adopt a graphical interface similar or almost based on Windows, surely to facilitate those who come from using the Microsoft Windows operating system and who are beginners in Linux , A less traumatic or radical change that, if otherwise, usually provokes greater rejection and finally its abandonment due to the complexity of the change.

Which in my opinion is a great strategy, which is appreciated, since after so many years accustomed to the graphical interface of Windows, which has not changed much over time (except Windows 8 suicide), is Easier to adapt to Linux, when at least the graphical difference, is not so important or exaggerated.

This change more like Windows to Linux, is possible thanks to graphical environments like KDE or LXDE which are almost identical to Windows, so any distribution of Linux with desktop environment KDE or LXDE, surely look like Windows and comply Expectations.

But of all the Linux distributions that exist, with a graphical interface similar to Windows, I will highlight three, which for me are undoubtedly the best, not because of its interfaces, but because of their efficiency, support, quality and Speed, as it is not only necessary to have a nice or nice interface, but the operating system should be good and work properly, the 2 Linux distributions that I recommend you find below.

Linux distributions with desktop graphical interface similar to Windows:

Kubuntu: For me the best option of all without a doubt, is a sister distribution of the well-known Ubuntu, with the same level of support and for which you will find all kinds of compatible programs, not counting those already installed, which do That you only need to install the system and to be able to use it without installing anything else.

As for its graphical interface, it uses the KDE desktop, which has a very modern look, and includes a search bar built into the start menu, looks very much like Windows 7, is modern and functional, Most hardware, because you will not have problems with drivers.

Link to download Kubuntu: Download Kubuntu.

Lubuntu: Like Kubuntu, she is a sister of Ubuntu, so she inherits all the positive aspects of this distribution, but the biggest difference is in her graphical desktop interface, Lubuntu uses LXDE, which, like KDE, is a lot like The Windows interface, which in this case is very similar to the interface of Windows XP, only something more up to date today.

It is also much lighter, faster and consuming much less resources than Kubunto, so it is the perfect distribution if your computer is poor or you want to get the most out without wasting resources.

Link to download Lubuntu: Download Lubuntu

Both distributions can be found in 32-bit and 64-bit versions, I hope the article has helped you, if you have any doubts or simply want to express your experience and opinion, do not hesitate to do so through a commentary, which I I will reply as soon as I read it, thank you very much for your visit and I hope you return soon.

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