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With the passage of time and after much repairing computers, I have realized that one of the problems that people usually have with their computer is that when you install a new hardware component or when formatting and reinstalling the computer system, Has problems with the drivers.

The most common problems are usually that the user has not installed the drivers in the system, or that when installing the system or component this works but not correctly … Sometimes this is because the driver it works with is a generic driver Windows, which would never work just as well as the original and specific driver of each component.

In other cases the user has installed the specific driver, but this is a very old version with bugs that prevent its good operation, or the driver is so old that it is not compatible with our current system, this happens a lot when users use the CD that came with the computer or component to install the driver, logical, but not more appropriate.

Normally, if it is only the driver of a device, I usually recommend going to the manufacturer’s page and download from there the latest version of the driver of your device, if it has not been recognized by Windows Update and downloaded it, Sometimes it happens, especially with the graphics card drivers.

But if you are not very skilled with computing, you want to install more than one driver, check if there are newer versions of all your drivers or simply want to install something and not complicate much life, I will recommend several programs that will make your life Easier, such programs are as follows:

List of programs to install or update the drivers in Windows for free and where to download them ordered from best to worst:

Driver Booster: Download Driver Booster
Snail Suite: Download Snail Suite
Slim Drivers Free: Download Slim Drivers Free
Driver Easy Free: Download Driver Easy Free
Driver Max: Download Driver Max

These free programs, what they do is to perform a scanner of the installed components and drivers, and warns us of those components that have no driver or have it and is outdated, and gives us the option to download the latest version and install it, to So have all our drivers installed and updated quickly and easily in just a few clicks.

The best program that I have indicated above is without a doubt Driver Booster and Slim drivers Free, since in its free version allows us to update or install all the drivers in a single click, and not like in the other programs, that But also allow us to scan all the drivers and show us the updates, you have to install one by one and with a daily limitation and download speed.

Anyway, I hope you have helped with this article, if you know any other tool that can expand the list I wrote, do not hesitate to write it in a commentary, as any doubt or opinion, which I will respond as quickly as I thank you for your visit and I hope that you will visit me again very soon.

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