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Over time I realized that both in my work (I am a computer) and on different websites, many people complain about the excessive consumption of RAM in the process svchost.exe, most complaining of slow and worried if it could be A virus, a fear that I understand perfectly because of the problems it causes.

And is that this process is a tragedy of memory, I have come to see how he consumes more than 1 GB of RAM alone, which in a powerful computer slows you down, but in a computer with few resources, for example one Which has only 2 GB of RAM, can make the order so slow that it can not basically be used, which is obviously a big problem.

However, you do not have to worry, it is not a virus or any other type of malware, and the excessive use of CPU and RAM that performs has a very easy solution, the svchost.exe process is nothing more than a Windows system process Which is responsible for various actions, including updating our operating system through Windows Update, that is why when you perform a search to find new updates, you are updating the system or you have many pending updates, it consumes a lot of resources.

As you can guess, once I have told you what the source of this problem, what we have to do to solve it is to install all pending updates, both recommended and optional, plus we must select to look for updates also for other Microsoft products , Option that will appear in the window of Windows Update at the end, which will also update the version of Windows Update of your system, changing it by Microsoft Update, which is much more efficient in its work.

If after installing all the updates and restarting, continue to give you some problem, you can always make Windows Update not look for updates in the background (since this is usually done automatically when the system starts and sometimes every few hours), for that You must go to the start menu, and in the search bar write services.msc, after which press enter and you will see a window called services, in which we will have to search the Windows Update service and change the type of start to manual, After which you must restart the system to verify that it has taken effect.

Of course, if you make the change from start to manual, remember from time to time to make manual updates, since keeping the system up to date is very important, since with these updates, Windows plug holes in security and is making our system more efficient , After all the updates what they do is to improve our system in general. If you also want to spend some kind of antivirus to stay more calm, then I leave a link with the antivirus that I recommend:

Recommended Free Antivirus for Windows

What are the best antivirus for Windows?

Anyway, I hope you have helped the article I wrote today, any doubt or opinion do not hesitate to raise it through a comment, as if you know another solution apart from the one I have commented, thank you very much for Your visit and I hope you come back very soon.

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