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Windows Update is the tool used by Windows systems to be updated, something very important, because through these updates are solved security holes, optimize parts of the system and install some important packages for the correct operation of the system and other Programs.

It is because of this importance, that we should all have our system as updated as possible, however there is sometimes that Windows Update for whatever reason shows us some error when trying to update, probably because some update or blackout has been damaged System file.

That is why I wrote this article, to help you solve this problem and so you have your operating system updated so that it works in the most optimized and safe way possible (security and optimization that can provide the updates of course), Different ways to repair it.

How to Repair Windows Update:

Sfc / scannow: This is an MS-DOS command, which performs a system scanner and finds and repairs any damaged files that it finds, it is possible to repair a damaged system file to request the installation disk, so you should have it Prepared just in case.

To execute this command, we must go to the beginning >> search bar >> and write CMD or symbol of the system, when we appear the icon of the program, we must click with the right mouse button on it and the pulldown that we will select The option to execute as administrator, after which will open a black window where we will execute the order.

Update to Microsoft Update: Once you are in Windows Update, you will see that you are written in small print search for updates through Microsoft Update or Check for updates for other Microsoft products, you must press that option, after which you will be opened a window that You have been prompted for permissions to update Windows Update to Microsoft Update.

If this option does not appear, it is because at some other time you have already done it, so do not worry, there are other ways to repair it, that if, whether you run Windows Update or not, it is recommended that you always update to Microsoft Update.

Use Microsoft Fixit to repair Windows Update (Only valid for Windows XP, VISTA, 7 and 8): This is a program created specifically for this problem, we will only have to run it and it will repair Windows Update in a simple way and Quick, to download said Fixit enter the following link:

Download Microsoft Fixit to Repair Windows Update.

Reinstall Windows Update (Only valid for Windows XP, VISTA, 7 and 8): To do this we must go to the link that I will put next, download the corresponding package according to our operating system, install it and reboot the system.

Download Windows Update installer

Use a temporary file cleaner and logs: Sometimes it can be a temporary file of a failed update which prevents us from using Windows Update correctly, for that we can use a registry cleaner like ccleaner or another better like the one I leave you in the next link:

What is the best registry cleaner and temporary files?

So, here are all the tips I can give you to try to repair Windows Update, I hope you have been helpful, remember to write a comment with the opinion of the article and telling us your experience, we are also thankful that you give a +1 or a I like it, thank you for your visit and I hope you come back soon.

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