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Already, here is the new operating system Microsoft Windows 10, yes, Windows 10, and what happened to Windows 9 ?: It seems that Microsoft has found it a good marketing strategy to skip that denomination and go over Directly to the 10, trying to remarcar well a great change in its operating system.

Although my impression about this system is very good in general, with this new system we get new typical errors, in this case one of the most typical errors of Windows 10, is to stop working the start menu and the search bar, Which a priori leaves us somewhat blocked since it almost makes it impossible to access any option to repair the system, and makes many users prefer to format and reinstall the system.

Crude mistake, you do not have to go so far and take such an extreme measure, since there are much simpler measures to repair the system and take us only a few minutes, and that is why I write this article, to teach you How to repair this problem quickly and easily, ways I teach you below:

How to repair the start button and the search bar in Windows 10 quickly and easily:

Sfc / scannow: This command performs a scanner of the system files, and repairs all those that detect that they are damaged, thus solving the problems that cause, in this case the start menu and the search bar that are as blocked.

To be able to execute this command and taking into account that we can not use the start menu to look for the symbol of the system, we create a folder in the desktop, we enter in it and in the left lateral part we will see shortcuts to different sites of our computer, We go to this computer >> local disk c :, once inside the drive C :, we go to the search bar of the folder that is in the upper right, and we look for symbol of system, once we appear the icon Of the command prompt, right-click it and run it as administrator, once the command prompt is opened, we will only have to execute the sfc / scannow command, for which we type and press Enter.

Once the scanner is finished, reboot the system, in case the problem persists to execute the following commands.

Dism: It is another command similar to sfc / scannow, only this what it does is to download from Windows Update the files needed to repair the system, so if the first command did not work, you can always use this, for it to Through the symbol of the system that you must have executed as administrator, you have to execute the following 2 commands:

1º Dism/Online/Cleanup-Image/ScanHealth
2º Dism/Online/Cleanup-Image/RestoreHealth

Once the scanner is finished, reboot the system, in case the problem persists, perform the next step.

Restore the system: It is an option that is on all Windows systems, and that allows us to leave the computer in the state that was the last time a restore point was created, something that is usually created each time a Program or update.

To perform a system restore go to this computer, and on the icon of this computer click with the right mouse button and the dropdown that will appear we select properties, after which the system window will open us, once there we select in The left part of the “advanced system configuration” window and another window will open in which we should select the system protection tab, where we will see the option to restore system.

When restoring system, it is best to restore it to the nearest point in time, in which the system will work correctly.

After all these steps, the system should work again, if none of them had worked, then it would be necessary to make a backup, format and install everything from the beginning, although I do not think you need it, since the Advice that I have given you usually work in most cases, not only with this error, but with many others as well.

Well, I hope this article has helped you and that your system already works correctly, do not forget to write a comment telling us your experience and share the article through social networks through a link or social buttons, thanks for your Visit and I hope you come back soon.

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