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As you all know, in recent years has become much popular, that programmers add to their programs the option of installing a search bar also called Toolbar in the internet browser.But these search bars as well known as unnecessary, since each browser already has its own, obstruct the correct operation of the browser, affecting very negatively the user experience when surfing the internet, slowing down much its operation and therefore our Navigation and also occupying visual space on our screen.

As I wrote above, it is an added option in other programs which we can check or uncheck to install or not, but in general, this option is hidden so that they try to deceive the user so that if or if they install it but not the And the worst thing is that it is no longer a search bar or toolbar per program, is that there are already many programs (such as those downloaded from Softonic) that from a single installation can install up to 4 bars, which is completely one barbarity.

Worse, it is no longer, that we are fooled to install something we do not want, but also some of these bars already include spyware, and not only does the bar appear at the top, but also shows us advertising everywhere, Making Internet browsing almost impossible. And no longer happy with all of the above, in addition there are no ways to remove or uninstall them as restarting reappears.

So, to fix this problem and to return to navigate in an optimal way, I want to teach you how to eliminate such programs, the first thing to do is to try it in a normal way, like a whole life from Start> Control Panel> Add or Remove Programs.

But if that alone does not let you uninstall it, which is very common as I said before, there are other tools that we can use, one of which is what I’m going to talk about today, it’s a free program, In a simple way and in a few minutes, it will scan your system, and you will find not only the toolbars, but also the rest of adware and spyware (a type of virus) installed on your computer and in different browsers. Our team, this program is called AdwCleaner.

As you can see in the photo that I will put next, it is a very simple program, that does not even require installation, only once downloaded, we execute it and the interface that you see in the photo will open directly, you give to scan and Once you have found the search bars or toolbars, you will only have to delete it and it will do all the work, at the end you will be asked to reboot and you will have your computer clean of annoying bars and spyware.

AdwCleaner also has anti-malware programs that help to eliminate toolbars or search bars, as well as erase other possible virus infections, such as the programs SuperAntiSpyware and Emsisoft Anti-Malware, which also detect the toolbars and They ask us if we want to eliminate them, to which we must say that if logically, although they are slower, which I advise you to pass after having passed the AdwCleaner, as a precaution, since if there is something that AdwCleaner has not eliminated, those two programs Sure to eliminate it.

I hope you liked it and served the article, to facilitate this task, at the end of the article I will leave the links to the official program websites, so that you download the programs that I have explained before and you can clean your computer well, remember that You can always ask questions or tell your opinion through a comment, if you liked do not hesitate to share an article link in social networks, and I just have to thank you for your visit and wait for you to come back soon.

Download AdwCleaner.

Download SuperAntiSpyware

Download Emsisoft Anti-Malware

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