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Surely most of you, you will know what ZIP and RAR files are, and if you do not know, are files that by means of some algorithms, allow to compress the files so that they occupy less space in our hard disk, which is a Very useful function, however, most people who know or use it, usually use illegal programs to perform such function.

However, using illegal programs is not necessary, since being a widely used function, there are a multitude of free and quality programs that you can use, and it will only take a couple of clicks to get them, so you can be sure of Comply with the law, to support free software.

In addition to the use of cracked programs, often cause our computer to be infected with different types of viruses or malware, as hackers take advantage of people’s need to damage their equipment or steal information, and to End for trying to save a couple of euros that you can save bequeath, in the end you will be very expensive.

It is precisely because of what has been described above, so I have decided to write this article, to show you the best alternatives that today are in the market and that are free, easy and efficient, if you want to know what they are, do not stop reading.

Free programs to compress and decompress ZIP and RAR files in Windows:

7-zip: Surely the most famous within the free, is also available in 32-bit and 64-bit versions, certainly the one I recommend the most, plus the most recommended version is always the 64-bit if your system is compatible .

Izarc: Another great file compressor and decompressor, it is in multiple languages ​​including Spanish and Catalan.

Peazip: A compressor and decompressor of files, which stands out for supporting more than 100 different formats, among which are evidently ZIP and RAR, is also available for all operating systems and is quite updated, making it a great option Giving equal to the type of operating system you have.

Jzip: It is a program to compress and decompress files based on 7-Zip, so if it does not work 7-Zip can be a great alternative.

Bandizip: Which stands out for its great speed in both compression and decompression.

So far the free programs to compress and decompress files, which I can recommend, the list is written in order of recommendation from best to worst according to my experience and opinion, if in addition to those mentioned in this article, you know other similar programs, or I invite you to share it with me and the rest of users who read the article through a comment, besides that if you like this article you share a link in social networks, webs or blog.

I just have to thank you for your visit, I tell you that if you have any doubts or just want to comment on your experience, you will be exposed, and as soon as I read the answer, thank you very much for your visit and I hope you come back to visit me very soon.

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