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One of the programs that are usually needed in a personal computer, is a good DVD and CD burning software, since these media although they have lost fame in favor of the pen drives, are still very useful to record videos, music, programs Or other type of information that we need, however, most do not usually have a program installed that allows them to make this option.

The most famous and complete programs for this purpose, is Nero, but unfortunately for a very good program that is, is a payment program, but thanks to the wonderful world of internet, it is not necessary to resort to payment programs, having a great variety Of free programs for the same purpose, which will surely fulfill their mission and you can record everything you need and want.

That is why I have decided to write this article, to show you a series of very simple and free programs, which will allow you to record a multitude of files on CD and DVD, and thus get something out of the recorder that you have on your computer. While it is true that Windows has preinstalled a program for this work, I show you other alternatives for those who do not want to retire in waiting for the recording of the CD and DVD, since that software is extremely slow and very limited in options.

Next I will write a list of the programs that you can search and download for free for that purpose, since I recommend that as much as possible, do not use pirated software, as it is illegal, exposes us to viruses with their famous Craks, are not up to date and totally unnecessary.

Free programs to burn CDs and DVDs in Windows:

CDBurnerXP: A complete program of very friendly interface, which will allow you to record all kinds of DVD and CD discs, be it a .ISO, a music CD, data … is certainly one of the most recommend you.

Ashampoo Burning Studio FREE: A recording program that, like the previous one, is very complete, and simple to use.

BurnAware: A complete recording program, which not only allows the above, but also record Blu-Ray, of course you need to have a Blu-Ray recorder, and few have one, the only problem I find Is that it is in English, but still it is understood quite well.

Astroburn: Also in English, it allows you to record all kinds of discs, including Blu-Ray and HD-DVD if you have a compatible recorder.

ImgBurn: This program is very simple, but only allows you to record .ISO images and data, although among the data you can record music and video, these can only be played on computers or special readers.

Of the above written programs, I have ordered them by order of recommendation from more to less, being the most recommended first CDBurnerXP and Ashampoo Burning Studio FREE, I hope this article has helped you, and remind you that a comment is always appreciated with your Opinion and that you share a link of this article in your web, blog or social networks, thanks for your visit, and I hope you come back soon.

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