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To all of us, it has happened to us the misfortune to erase an unintentional file that we needed or wanted for its importance, be it a company or class job, photos of a communion, wedding or another important day, and surely not Has happened to you only once, but this problem has surely happened to you several times.

However, when we make that mistake, thanks to God is not all lost, since being a common error and quite problematic have been emerging different programs to solve it, which will allow us to recover most of our files, which is Possible thanks to the fact that the Windows deletion of a file is not actually erasing your data, but what it does is free the space that occupied that file.

The above explanation is evidently done in a very general and non-technical way, so that it is understandable for the greatest number of people possible. I have to say that as I always try to do, the solutions that I will give you for the problem that we are dealing with in this article are the simplest possible, in this case they are free programs that will allow us to recover our deleted files.

But not only that, but also allow us to recover, if we want, a whole partition of the HDD and the information it contains, as well as a USB, memory card or any other means of storage, to Then I’ll leave you a list of programs to recover deleted files by order of recommendation from more to less, although obviously, check beforehand if they are in the recycle bin, since after deleting any file and Windows folder, this goes to the Recycle bin, and if you have not emptied it should be there.

Programs to recover deleted files and folders in Windows:

Recuva: A wonderful free program with which you can recover deleted files and folders, including a deleted partition and all its information, personally is the one I like the most and the one I use.

Panda Recovery: Another simple and free program to recover files and folders, including those that are compressed and encrypted.

Glary Undelete: It is simple and free like the others, will allow you to recover files and folders easily, especially for its functionality of being able to do specific searches by type of file and name.

PC Inspector File Recovery: A good program, but it takes years to update itself, so I only recommend it if the previous 3 did not work.

CD Recovery Toolbox Free: This program only recovers files from Cd, DVD, Blu Ray … ie storage media on disk, however I thought it important to put it, because being specific of these media also very important, surely be the best You can use if your problem is on a disk medium that is not a hard disk.

Well, so far all the programs that I can recommend you, I hope you are of help, if you use them, do not hesitate to tell me your experience with these programs and if this has been satisfactory, just like if you know another free program that is Good and not in the list, comment it for who could interest you, since the more options we have all the better, thanks for your visit and I hope you come back soon.

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