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It is quite common, that we have all gone to delete a folder or file, whether audio, video, text … and the system has not allowed us, which is usually due to the fact that it is in use and therefore Windows blocks it so that it can not be erased until it stops being used, however, there are times that by Windows error or an external program we can not delete the folder or file even if it is not in use.

That is why I have decided to write an article, where I will describe some of the easiest and of course free solutions, to be able to safely delete those folders or files, yes, be sure before that folder or file is not necessary for The correct functioning of your system, otherwise you could end up creating a serious instability in your system, it can cause reboots, error posters or even you can load the system completely, if that folder is the operating system.

So I only recommend deleting files and folders blocked, when you have created them, or you are sure that they should not be there, anyway, then you can find a series of programs and solutions to achieve your goal is that of Delete those folders and files.

Before using any of the solutions described below:

Check that the file or folder is not being used by you or any program, make sure it is closed.

If you have made step number 1, and still can not delete it, restart the computer and try to erase it again and if it still does not allow it, then use the following solutions.

Programs to safely delete folders or files:

Eraser: It will not only erase your folder or file, but also make it unrecoverable, so it comes great if what is sought is to delete important private data.

Unlocker: Like Eraser, this program clears locked files and folders.

Fileassassin: This popular program allows you to delete locked files, although sometimes it may be necessary to restart to complete the task.

Linux: You can download an installation disk of almost any Linux, I recommend Kubuntu, burn it to a CD or DVD, and use it as a LiveCD, once started, search from Linux the file or folder of your disk that you want to delete, and delete it , With this system, you can eliminate all kinds of things, but be careful, since you will not warn or ask when deleting files from the system, and once deleted the tragedy has already occurred.

So far, all the advice and programs that I can show you, if you knew of another solution, do not hesitate to share it by writing a comment, I would also appreciate you to share this article through a link, as sure that everyone can do well This information sooner or later, thanks for your visit, and I hope you come back soon.

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