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Today, everyone uses email or email, but most of us, we already have not only one email account, but several, between Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook and other address either work or school, That makes to be attentive to new emails, we have to log in and log in several emails every day, which becomes a nuisance, and that often makes us forget to check an account.

For this reason, a great variety of mail managers have been in the network a long time, which has the function of adding all our email accounts to the manager, and downloading in a single inbox all emails, from All our accounts regardless of which company of the above belongs.

The problem is that many of these mailers are either paid, or have not been updated for some time becoming unsafe programs, so I decided to write an article, recommending the best free mail managers, so you can save that Work of having to enter every day in the different accounts of mail that you have or you finish installing some little certain, next I describe to you these managers.

Free Email Managers for Windows:

Mozilla Thunderbird: The best free and open source mail manager of all, is the creators of the famous Firefox web browser, and quite simple to use, of all is the one that I recommend you use, but in case you have any problems or You prefer another one, then I give you more alternatives.

Mailbird: This fantastic mail manager is little known but has a great quality, in fact has won many awards for its high quality, has a basic version that is free and a payment version in principle unnecessary, but that is already Your decision.

Zimbra Desktop: It is a good alternative to Mozilla Thunderbird, it is not well known, but it is for multiple platforms, it includes the possibility of adding our social networking accounts like Twitter, Facebook … so that we can look at both the new emails and the Messages from our social networks.

FoxMail: It is a perfect mail manager for computers that are not very powerful, because it takes up little work, it goes very fast and it is also easy to use, so it is not bad as an alternative to the previous 2, if you do not like them.

And here are the mail managers for Windows that I can recommend, I hope you like them and help you, I know there are not many, but unfortunately the market for free mail managers is not very big, but good to have one That it is and functions, why do we want more?

If you know other alternatives to those already written and are also free, do not hesitate to share it through a comment, also thank you to comment your experience with these programs and which you like more, also if you have any questions will try to answer when the Read, so to finish thanks for your visit and hope you come back soon.

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