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When we use the computer to watch movies or listen to music, sometimes it can give us problems when reproducing some format, and can show us the typical error of “invalid format” or “the program does not recognize this type of files”, This is because Windows needs some programs called codecs, to be able to play all kinds of formats and files.

However the codecs included by default in the Windows operating system, are very few and are very outdated, that is why, we need to install some package of codecs external to the system, to have no problems when playing all music and videos That we want.

Fortunately, on the internet you can find everything and there are many free codec packs on the net, which will solve our problem, in addition to some of them usually include the integrated player, which usually has a very simple and unattractive interface , But that is much faster and efficient, which in my opinion is an improvement, since the important thing is its operation, not its appearance.

Finally, I will show you what my recommendations are regarding the codec packs that you must install, although we also accept recommendations on codec packs that you have used, and your opinion on them, the more we know each one the better.

Video and audio codec packs for Windows:

K-Lite-Codec-Pack: For me the best codec pack that exists, it has several versions, each of them reproduces more format than the previous one, so I advise you to install the full pack, all these versions Include the Media Player Classic – Home Cinema player, which consumes very few resources and is easy to use.

VLC: This is a player, which includes a large package of codecs integrated, which will allow us to play all types of format quickly and easily, in addition this player has an option to automatically search and update the codecs to the latest version , Without having to go to the Web, to download and install it manually.

XP Codec Pack: A very complete codec pack, which also includes the built-in Media Player Classic, even if it is called XP, it is compatible with Windows 7, 8 … so you should not worry about installing it in your version Of current Windows.

These are the 3 best codecs packages that exist at the moment, and therefore I recommend you install, yes, when you look for the codecs package, be sure to download the latest version from the official page, as the formats are evolving the same That the rest of the computer, and those that are today codecs updated maybe tomorrow do not reproduce everything.

Of the 3 packages that I have shown you, you only need to install one, I have written them in order of importance, from more to less, although nothing happens if you install more than one, I sometimes have installed at the same time Two first with their respective players, and nothing happens, well I hope it has served you something, thanks for your visit and I hope you come back soon.

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