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Most people have gone slowly and inadvertently, leaving the radio, mini-channel, TV or DVD aside, and have been changing these devices by new technologies such as the computer, which allows us to listen or watch videos and Music and everything from the same device, without the need to change devices, which allows us a great saving of space and money.

That is why, having a good video player and music on your computer is very important, it is true that Windows is by default its own player called, Windows Media Player, but it is slow, plays few formats and also consumes many resources, I have decided to recommend other free alternatives, which consume less resources, which go much faster and reproduce almost any video or audio format.

As the amount of music and video players is very high, I decided to write this article with the best players that exist, to make you shorter the task of finding an alternative. The programs I describe here have been chosen based on their stability, efficiency, simplicity and ability to reproduce any type of video or music, so any of the choices you make on this list, will make you have a good player.

This list, which I will show you below, are the programs that best perform their main job is to play video and music, I will put them sorted from best to worst although they are all good, so I can tell you that they have all been tested by me , Before writing this article, so you can be sure of what I recommend works really and are a good option.

Music and video players for Windows:

MPC-HC (Media Player Classic – Home Cinema): Without a doubt, one of the best multimedia players that exists, reproduces everything, does not consume almost resources and is very simple to use, although it can be downloaded only as a player, I advise you Which is called K-Lite-codec-Pack, which is a package of codecs that includes inside this great player.

VLC: This is the only player, which for me is matched to K-Lite-codec-Pack, it’s more, its graphical interface is almost the same, it also includes its codecs, and will reproduce everything you want, in a fast way And simple. (It has a special 64bit version).

KMplayer: A great player, which plays a large number of formats, without the need to install additional codecs.

BS.player: It reproduces a large number of formats consuming very few resources, ideal for computers with little power, but like the previous ones its graphical interface leaves a little to be desired, but that is what matters least, or at least that I think , Since I prefer a slightly ugly but playable player, a nice one like Windows, but that does not help.

UmPlayer: This fantastic player, is very simple to use, plays almost all types of formats and also has a built-in bar to search and play videos directly from YouTube, a function that although not necessary, is always appreciated.

So far the players that I recommend, especially the first 2, I hope you liked the article, and as always remember, that your opinion is always welcome and that you are grateful to share this article through social networks, or the internet through Of a link, thank you for your visit, and I hope you come back soon.

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