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One of the things that without any doubt is the basis of the internet, and which has also helped to make this what it is today, is the free circulation of information and files, of all kinds, and to be able to carry With the successful completion of this exchange, multiple tools have emerged to carry it out, in the most efficient and fast way possible. P2P programs were created for this purpose.

The p2p is the acronym Peer to Peer, the protocol of operation of the programs that we are going to talk about today, the operation is basic and very simple, one is downloading what another user shares, and while one downloads them shares it to the same one Time, in addition many of these programs also limit the download speed with the upload speed, which is at the speed we share, so that the higher you upload the faster downloads.

There are many programs known and others not so well known, which serve for the exchange of files, but unfortunately not all are good, either because they consume many resources, or because they have almost no support and are not adapting to new times and operating systems … what at the time of choosing one, can become a headache having both between what to choose.

That is why, here I am going to tell you the torrent and P2P programs, which will work better for you, and that you will surely have seen or even used on more than one occasion, but my intention is to show you the best programs and not The most unknown, so you can read my recommendations, followed by a link to an article where you compare the programs with other similar programs.

Torrent programs for Windows:

Utorrent: Without a doubt, it is my main recommendation, it is light, it downloads quickly and consumes few resources, what more can you ask for?

Vuze: The successor of the old Azureus, it downloads very quickly, but it complicates a little its use, due to the fact that they have included a thousand functions that have nothing to do with its main function, but it is a good alternative to Utorrent.

Bitorrent: Another great known and alternative to Utorrent, is very fast and has a good support, so you can always be sure that they get updates with their respective improvements.

P2P Programs for Windows:

Emule: The oldest program, the slowest but at the same time the one with the most content, so it is great to use it as a complement to another program that downloads faster, if what is not in the program that downloads quickly, Download it through this.

Ares: A great program, it is the one that has more content, and downloads quite quickly, certainly a good alternative, or better complement Emule.

FrostWire: Based on LimeWare, and therefore a fairly fast program, with the improvement that it is constantly updated, and LimeWare takes years without doing it, I recommend using this program only if the other 2 do not convince you.

Well I hope that this article has helped you, and as always remind you that comments are welcome where you explain your opinions and experiences, thank you for your visit and I hope you come back soon.

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