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I have already talked many times about how important it is to have a good browser on our computer, but above all it is important to have a good browser on our mobile device, since its speed is usually generally less (this is what 3G connections have And 4G), because if it is slow, if we also have a bad browser, shut down and let’s go … we will end up hysterical before seeing more than three web.

In general and for other mobile operating systems like iOS or Android, I have recommended Firefox and Google Chrome among others, let’s the 2 most famous browsers that exist after Internet Explorer, however, after being investigating I discovered with awe and dread that Windows Phone does not have the official APP of these 2 very important tools, which in my opinion is a shame, and will greatly delay the adoption of this operating system by manufacturers and users.

But well, we are not here to criticize the shortcomings of Windows Phone, which will surely subside over time, but we are here to find alternative web browsers installed by default in Windows Phone, and that is what I am going to show you In the following list.

List of recommended Web browsers for Windows Phone:

Maxthon: A high-speed browser with some experience behind the scenes, if of all that I will describe in the list I have to recommend some, for now this is undoubtedly this.

UC Browser: One of the best browsers for Windows Phone, and with a large user base worldwide (over 400 million), is a great alternative to Internet Explorer.

Surfy: This browser allows us to, among other things, select a default home page, work with multiple tabs, favorites …

So far all the decent browsers that I have been able to find, later I will update if the official versions of Firefox, Opera and Google Chrome for Windows Phone are released, which unfortunately are not available, if any of you know another browser, that Do not hesitate to write a comment leaving a record of it, to help us all, thank you for your visit and I hope you come back soon.

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