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One of the most important tools in Windows and that we use every day is a web browser, which allows us as its name suggests surfing the internet, so it is very important to choose a good browser, and Which along with the ADSL that we have contracted, is one of the things that determine to a great extent the speed at which we can surf the Internet.

One of the most used browsers in the world, is the default browser in Windows Internet Explorer, which unfortunately has always had major security flaws, and its speed is not as fast as you might expect, from a browser with a Team of developers as big as the one behind, and let’s not talk about how you are using an old version of the browser, something completely discouraged.

That is why, I am going to show you a list of browsers that are faster to navigate without neglecting security, in addition to that your update cycle is much faster than Internet Explorer, so you can be sure that your browser always It has the latest technology available, so I’ll show you the list of recommended browsers.

Recommended web browsers for Windows:

Firefox: One of the most popular and used browsers in the world, it is very fast, safe and offers great possibilities of customization, although it may consume somewhat exaggerated resources, but nothing that a minimally current computer can not run without problems.

Google Chrome: The famous Google browser (obvious by name), which has leapfrogged from the second position to Firefox, is equally fast, consumes fewer resources, but has presented more security problems, which have been corrected quickly, can also Customize.

Opera: A good browser, fast, stable, customizable and secure, but for some reason has been losing more and more protagonism and almost no one uses it.

Safari: The famous Apple browser, also available for Windows, is quite fast and safe, but in my opinion a disaster as to the option of remembering passwords of some websites, so if you do not use much that option is a good alternative.

Edge: It is the new Microsoft web browser that comes to replace Internet Explorer, in fact uses up the same logo, is certainly better than its predecessor, and it seems that this time Microsoft has put the batteries with your browser, To conquer all those lost users during all this time, is not a bad option, but it is not the one that I would use.

As a final advice on web browsers, always make sure you have the latest version of the browser, as it is very important to continue browsing in a safe and fast online, in short, I hope you have helped the article , If you know another browser that is good, have a doubt or express your experiences, do not hesitate to share them with us through a comment, thank you for your visit, and I hope you come back soon.

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