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One of the biggest and most known problems that the Windows operating system has since its inception is the large amount of viruses and malware in general that affect their systems, and that is what has to be the system used by 90% Of the world’s population, you become a very juicy goal for Hackers around the world, who are looking to see how they can make you money or just mess up the PC for fun.

Of course, because of this big problem, soon there were programs to solve such security problems, these programs are called antivirus and there are a lot of them in the market, there are payment and free, better and worse, everything is something To look for the most suitable for us, with which we feel more comfortable and of course it is effective.

In this article, we are going to rely on the most famous free antivirus on the market, of which I say, that you do not have to worry about the fact that they are free, since these antivirus occupy the first positions in the ranking of antivirus that more Protection offer us the world, not because an antivirus is paid is better than a free, nor why an antivirus is free is worse than one for payment.

Due to the large number of possible antivirus, I decided to write this article where I will show you a list of the best free antivirus that exist and that will help you to protect them from any type of threat in the network, thus preventing you from infecting by surfing the internet Or installing any program, although you should still be careful, since you are never 100% protected, because every day thousands of new viruses emerge, and antivirus software need some time to update, since there is no Antivirus in the world capable of updating so quickly.

So, to be careful when you visit suspicious websites or install internet programs, the best you can do when downloading a program is to do it from the official website of that program, so you increase security, and now as I promised I leave you With the list of the best free antivirus.

List of the best antivirus recommended for Windows, ordered from best to worst:

Avast free antivirus
Panda Security Free Antivirus
Avg antivirus free
Avira free antivirus
Comodo antivirus

So far the list of the best free antivirus that exist right now, but if you want to make sure that your pc is virus free, and that you are completely protected, I advise you to use another antivirus support, a support antivirus, are Those that do not have active protection, that is to say they only serve if you open them and you ask yourself to analyze the equipment, but not find anything, not like the previously described, that are permanently on alert, and as soon as they detect a threat they eliminate it .

That is why, my recommendation is that you have a virus protection with active protection from the list above, and a support to help you ensure that your computer is free of threats, to help you too, then I leave a short list of Antivirus support that you can upgrade.

List of free antivirus support ordered from best to worst:

Emsisoft Anti-Malware

As you can check once you try to download, you will see that they are a 30 day free version and then they are payment, but calm, you will not have to pay to use antivirus support, only after 30 days only allow you to use them As antivirus support, if paid you will also have active protection, but that does not interest us, since we have an antivirus from the other list already installed for that.

To finish I will tell you that there are also other alternatives that can be used as online antivirus support, which do not need to be installed on the computer to pass, we just have to scan from the web where they find, the process is similar To a normal antivirus, but doing it through a web browser.

So, if in case you are interested I leave you a couple of links that may be of interest at the end of this article, which can be trusted, if any of you have know of some other method or antivirus that knows for certain Which is effective, do not hesitate to share it with the rest of us through a comment, so you have more information to defend us, well, thank you for your visit and I hope you come back soon.

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