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Technology is evolving by leaps and bounds, so that when a new technology has just come out, technology is already talking about the technology that will replace it, which sometimes causes us headaches when we buy some new technological device, In my case it has been an internal Blu-Ray disc player for the desktop computer.

The Blu-Ray as you know is the new disc that comes to replace the DVD, and has a very superior performance in terms of image quality and storage capacity, which is why they were the discs chosen as standard to store the new Movies in Full HD quality.

Well, not long ago, I bought a Blu-Ray player for my computer, with the illusion of being able to watch movies in HD, but what was my surprise, when I first insert an original movie On my Blu-Ray player, it was not able to play the movie.

And this is due to the security measures implemented by the original films to prevent pirate, also called anti copy security, which I can not understand what it means to prevent those people who buy everything legal, we can not To reproduce our original films in the computer … They wanted to avoid with so many measures the piracy, that in the end we are paying just for sinners.

Due to this problem, I started to investigate a way to solve this setback, until I found a way to play my Blu-Ray movies on my computer, which was not a simple task, since I had to spend several hours reading and testing programs until Find what you were exactly looking for.

So after much research, I was able to find a couple of video player programs, which allow us to view our Blu-Ray movies, with normality and without any problem, although unfortunately the best programs are paid, so in addition to having us Spent a binge on the player and movies, we will also touch scratch our pocket again if we want a good player, which allows us to play our Blu-Ray movies on our computer.

The programs that will allow us to reproduce our original films, are the following:

CyberLink PowerDVD (paid): Without a doubt the best program to play Blu-Ray movies, it reproduces everything, with a great quality of image, and also reproduces the menus that take our films to us.

Mac Blu-ray Player (paid): Available for both Windows and Mac, and with great design and functionality, it also plays everything, but with the problem that it does not play movie menus, it shows you a Your own menu too basic and with some small problem like that suddenly you do not see the mouse arrow.

AunPlayer (Free): Free program to play Blu-Ray discs, also plays the menus, although there are some movies that still does not recognize, hopefully soon accept all the movies.

Leawo Blu-ray Player (Free): Another free program that plays Blu-Ray movies easily and with their menus, although some movie may fail, just in case you make sure you have the latest version.

Tipard Blu-Ray Player (payable): Another payment program that allows us to play our movies on Blu-Ray.

WinDVD Pro (paid): This paid player also plays Blu-Rays, and although I have not been able to prove it, if I have read good reviews about it, you can try its free trial to see how it goes and comment here opinion.

So far the list of free and paid programs that you can use to play your Blu-Ray movies, I guess you do not need to remarking, that in addition to this software you need a physical player for it, although if you have not already bought it, I advise you to buy a Blu-Ray player for the Television and not for the computer, in the end it is more comfortable, fast and cheap.

Anyway, until now all the help I can give you to play your movies in Windows, I hope you have helped, any doubt or opinion do not hesitate to write it through a comment, I will reply as soon as I read it, thank you very much For your visit and I hope you come back soon.

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