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Today, most people are aware of how dangerous it is to navigate the network, due to the large number of threats, and the high probability that sooner or later our computer will become infected with any type of malware. That is why most people have an antivirus installed on their computer, to try to avoid such infection something logical, necessary and recommended.

What people do not know, is that it is often not enough to use a single antivirus, because these are very good, they will never be able to detect 100% of viruses and other threats on the network, for example. We should look for other ways to strengthen the security of our computer.

It is precisely for that reason that I decided to write this article today, to show you some measure of reinforcement for the security of our computer, beyond the antivirus installed on our computer, to improve such security, it is always best that you can, Use at least two antivirus.

But I do not mean to install 2 antivirus, since you can not install 2 antivirus with active protection on the computer, because this can slow down our computer too, since sometimes the antivirus will detect each other as risk programs and these They begin to block each other even blocking the computer.

That is why, over time have been emerging other support tools to solve such problems. And these tools are the so-called online antivirus, which we can pass through the manufacturer’s website, without having to install it on our computer, using the browser and therefore avoiding consuming unnecessary resources and slowing down our computer.

These online antivirus are completely compatible with the antivirus installed on our computer, so you will have no problem, yes, these online antivirus may ask us to install some add-on in the browser or a small program on the computer, you only have That you accept and follow the steps that you indicate.

Since there are several antivirus online, but not all are equally effective or reliable, I decided to make a list with the best online antivirus to help you choose which antivirus to use, such list of the best antivirus are links to the corresponding antivirus, So you only have to click on the desired antivirus and will automatically direct you to the antivirus web, this list is in order of effectiveness, that list is the following:

List of the best antivirus online free:

ESET Online Scanner
Trend Micro HouseCall
F-Secure Online Scanner
Kaspersky Security Scan

As you have already verified, they are very easy to use and very effective, I can only recommend those four antivirus online, but if you know any other, you have some doubt or you simply want to give your opinion, do it by writing a comment in this article, I I will reply when I read it, to help you with the antivirus of your computer and to choose a good option, I will leave a link to two articles to see if you are using a good antivirus, and to finish, I just want to thank you Visit and wait for you to come back soon.


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