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One of the biggest problems of the Windows operating system is its high propensity to become infected with viruses, malware, spyware … which obviously jeopardizes not only the stability and functioning of our system, but also could be stealing data access accounts Of internet, banks, games …

In general due to all this type of malware, the security of our computer and our data is at risk, but to avoid this problem or in case of being already infected, solve it, there is a great variety of programs called antivirus that fortunately help us To fight against all these threats and to protect us properly.

That is why, one of the programs that can never be missing in any computer, whether desktop or laptop (also Smartphone and tablets) is certainly a good antivirus, one that helps us to block the vast majority of threats Nowadays on the internet, which is not an easy task since there are a large number of them and not all are just as effective.

That is why I have decided to write this article, to help you reduce the search to a few, which are the best in the market, and sure that any of the ones that I will show you in the list that you will find below will be valid to protect Any of your computers, yes, even if the antivirus are very good, you can always pass some viruses, so you also do not trust and avoid suspicious programs or websites, and it is already known that prevention is better than cure. And now if, then the list of the best antivirus on the market.

List of the best antivirus for Windows:

Bitdefender Internet Security
Kaspersky Lab Internet Security
Norton Security
Trend Micro Internet Security
Avira Antivirus Pro
Avast Free Antivirus
Panda Security Free
Avg Free Antivirus
F-Secure Safe
K7 Computing Total Security 15.1

These are the 10 best antivirus for virus detection and removal, among which there is no big difference, so they will almost certainly protect you with the same efficiency of most network threats. As you see in the list there are both free and paid antivirus, and is that fortunately nowadays there are free solutions of a great quality, which allows us to be well protected without having to spend money.

If even after this list, you want advice on which to choose, I will say that in case you are willing to spend money, one would decant for any of the first 2 on the list, and in case you want to use one free without I doubt I would decant for Avast or AVG, with which you will be almost as protected as with the two best pay in the world, without paying absolutely nothing, yes, from time to time it is possible that you miss a little notice Of the free antivirus recommended that you buy the paid version.

This list of anti-virus, I have taken from a company that every month makes a test of effectiveness of the most famous antivirus on the market to prove their reliability, said study is necessary to do it every month or every little time, as each day thousands Of new viruses, and if the antivirus does not update everything they should, which today is very good, tomorrow may find nothing and leave us completely unprotected.

That is why, I will leave a link of the web from which I extracted the data, where in a simple way you can see which are the best antivirus updated monthly, for each operating system, and is that not all antivirus are the same Of good in all systems, or different versions of each system, so for more security you can see which is the best antivirus updated for your system and specific version in the following link:


Well I hope you have helped with all this information, and remember, you always have to download or update to the latest version of the antivirus, since if you use an old version, will not be able to detect the latest viruses created and you will be at risk , Any doubt or opinion do not hesitate to write it through a comment, thanks for your visit, and I hope you come back soon.

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