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If you have one or several web pages and you have been interested in the world of SEO, you will have read many technical references of this world that you will not have heard very well, and it is logical because it has happened to us All at the beginning.

The SEO or web positioning, are the set of techniques and actions that allow us to improve our web positioning in the different search engines that exist, in order to achieve a greater number of visits, and also to improve the user experience, is more , Everything that improves the user experience, is usually detected by Google and improve our positioning.

But once we read or talk about SEO, we have to understand that there are two types of SEO that we can do related to our website, which we have to differentiate between SEO On Page and SEO Off Page, which may seem The same there are big differences, differences that I will tell you next.

What is the difference between SEO On Page and SEO Off Page:

SEO On Page: SEO On Page is the SEO we do internally on our website, ie the SEO we control directly and over which we can exercise total control, being the one we control the most is the one that we can most improve To get more visits, this SEO refers for example, along are the articles, the time of loading of the web, if the web is of adaptive design, the quantity of articles and its quality, we go if the web is optimized generally.

SEO Off Page: The Off Page SEO is the SEO that we can perform externally to our Web, that is to say, it is the most complicated SEO and on which we have less control, since it is necessary of other webs that are not ours so that Works, and that later Google or other search engines detect it and improve our position. For example, the most important and complicated SEO Off Page is a good strategy of LinkBuilding or links, which consists in getting other web pages to publish a link from our website in theirs, searchers interpret this as the web to the That link is of higher quality and more number of links better positioning and more visits.

In short, I hope you have clarified what is the difference between SEO On Page and SEO Off Page, as you see is not complicated its explanation, not so unfortunately its application, but if you want a guide how to perform SEO On Page and SEO Off Page Then I leave you a link with a guide where I explain everything perfectly, any doubt or opinion do not hesitate to write it, I will reply as soon as I read it, as to whether you have any other advice or example you can also share it through a comment, Thank you for your visit, and I hope you will return very soon to visit me.

How to do SEO On Page and SEO Off Page in Google, Bing and Yahoo!

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