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Any person or company that creates a website, does it with the intention of getting many visits, and so spread certain information, make money or both, however on the internet the competition is fierce, and get your web page out in A stand that allows you to get those visits is very complicated.

Fortunately, it is complicated but not impossible, to achieve this purpose there are SEO techniques, also called web positioning, which as the name itself serve to position our website in search engines and thus achieve the desired visits through a good positioning in network.

Although there are many search engines, the vast majority of traffic is produced through Google, to be exact in Spanish speaking countries the percentage is about 96%, and the remaining 4% is distributed between Bing and Yahoo! Mostly, is by That we are going to focus on these 3 search engines.

Although they are 3 different search engines, the SEO practices that we are going to realize are valid for the 3 search engines, since all use very similar rules and those of some serve for the others, which is a saving of work, although it is true That some give more importance to some things and others to others, for example Bing likes forums and usually positions quite well, Google likes less but also positions them.

Within SEO, there are two types of different techniques, which are SEO On Page and SEO Off Page, SEO On Page is the one we make inside the website and over which we have all control, such as creating quality articles , And the SEO Off Page is about the least control we have, since it depends on other webs, it is that SEO we do outside our web like get webs that link to ours, then I’ll put a list of rules or SEO techniques .

SEO On Page and SEO Off Page techniques to improve our positioning in search engines and get more visits:

SEO Techniques On Page:

Create and send a map of the site called sitemap.xml to search engines, send it to search engines should do the following: How to register your web in Google, Bing or Yahoo manually.

It is possible to create a Sitemap.html, and that this is our home page, which as you can see is what we do in this web, that way, all the strength of the links that point to the beginning that will be the sitemap.html , Will be distributed among all the pages that this link which will make the articles index and position faster.

The web must have an adaptive design, that is to say that the web adapts to any resolution and screen size, so that it can look good on both Smartphones, tablets and PC, this is doubly important for two reasons, Google detects and increases Positions in the ranking, which gives more visits, and also the people who enter from these mobile devices, will be able to see it well and will not go to another website.

The name of the domain, ie the address of your website should contain the keywords that define the content of your website. Example: If your website is home cooking, it should be called Home Cooking Recipes, and the domain is http://www.homecookingrecipes.com.

The titles of articles must be less than 65 characters counting spaces, and correctly describe the content of the article.

Fill in the meta description of the article, which must contain exactly 150 characters counting the spaces.

Meta-keys or meta-words, it is very important to fill in this field, with the 10 words (word above, word below) keys that best describe your article.

Write articles without misspellings, as it is penalized by search engines.

That articles have a minimum of 500 words, and are better, searchers like pages with a lot of quality information.

Hosting the web in a quality hosting, if the hosting is bad, and the loading time is very high, the search engines will penalize it, and visitors will leave because it takes a long time to load.

Use friendly URL’S for search engines to easily index your articles.

Enable the g-zip compression of the web, this will decrease the load time. To find out how to do this, you can see it in: How to compress a web with gzip or deflate using .htaccess

Minimize the CSS and Java Script, this also reduces the loading time, remember the faster load the web, better for the visitors and better for the search engines.

Using a free or paid CDN: CDNs allow users to access our website faster from anywhere in the world, as a CDN distributes a copy of the static parts of our website by servers around the world, so that When there is a connection request to our web, this part is downloaded from the nearest server, lightening the load of our servers.

CDNs also improve our security by protecting against various types of attacks. The CDNs are usually paid, however Cloudflare, which is the most famous CDN, has different plans of which one is free, and although it is a basic plan, it will greatly improve the load and security of your web, register and get one I leave a link below: Cloudflare CDN.

Your website should have SSL security certificate, although little, search engines are already taking into account to better position the websites.

SEO Off Page Techniques:

Getting links to our website from quality web pages, and if the theme of these are related to the one of our web better, and to position more, this we can obtain for example writing comments in other blogs, that give the opportunity to put a Link of your web, most of these links will be Nofollow, but they serve to position same, even if they are Dofollow better.

The links you get to your website will have much more value, if in addition to the previously described link to our website contains the keywords that define the content of our website. That way you will better position yourself in searches under the name of that link.

Make PING search engines so that they come to your website and index the new content, but you know how to do it, you can see it in: How to do Ping to Google, Yahoo or Bing manually and automatically

Publish your articles in the social network Google +, since the more links you have from this network to your site, the more you position, the more, in your profile of this network, you can specify which websites you own, out there the links of your websites .

Well, so far my advice on how to do SEO On Page and SEO Off Page, I hope you have helped, any doubt or contribution make it through a comment, I will answer you when I can, thank you very much for your visit and I hope Come back soon.

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