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Although the main reason why many of us set up a web or blog is not to earn money (or, if something very lawful), there comes a moment when seeing the large number of visits that we started to receive over time we started to pass The idea for the head to start monetizing those visits, ie making money with our Web or Blog.

Some think that putting advertising is worsening the user experience, but nothing further, since well implemented, advertising will allow us to earn money that we can invest in better servers or improve the web directly.

What added that quality advertising and non-invasive (type ads with sirens and lights) will allow us to show you ads of things related to the tastes of our visitors, which will also improve the user experience on our website.

Well, my advice is that to monetize your website you use Google Adsense, the company that best pays and whose ads are the highest quality and the least intrusive, well, once chosen Google Adsense, which is the monetization platform with which We are going to work we have to clarify some concepts, such as how money produces us, through which actions we produce money.

Google Adsense gives us benefits through our ads, which we will place through a code that the company provides us, and they will show each user some ads or others according to certain parameters that we will explain later.

The way Google Adsense decides how much to pay us, is through what is commonly called CPC, which means cost per click, ie Google will pay us an amount of money for each click that our visitors make in their ads Which we have put on our website.

How much is paid per click?

Well there is no pre-paid payment, not even Google decides, the advertisers decide that they hire in Google Adwords their campaigns, Google Adwords is the platform of Google to advertise and Google Adsense in which they catch those ads to make money.

Well, when a company or individual creates an ad campaign, this one decides the maximum that is willing to pay for every click that Google Adsense gets for their ads, that money paid by the company, we stay in case That our visitors click on the ad, with 68% while Google as an intermediary gets the other 32%.

Something very important, because as Google goes to commission, it interests us to win a lot, because the more we win, the more they win. That is why the ads that Google Adsense displays on our website are based on several parameters, one of them is the auction, ie Google will always try to show on our website the advertisers who pay the most first, ie have the highest CPC , Hence the maximum CPC that advertisers set in Google Adwords.

But it is not the only parameter, since Google uses the information that it has on our visitors, and the theme of our website to show the ads that best fit the tastes of our visitor, thus increasing the possibility that Click and therefore we all win, Google your commission, we and our advertiser a visit.

And so? Can we do something to raise the Google Adsense CPC and earn more money?

For that is the reason why I wrote this article, and for whose answer I have had to write all the previous paragraph. Considering how to mark the profit for each ad and that this is a percentage, on a maximum price marked by advertisers in an auction, and therefore depends a lot on the competition with which the ad fights and how much they are willing to pay they…

I’m sorry to say that there is no direct way to force a rise in the CPC, but rest assured that I have not made you swallow this paraphrase to tell you that you can not, you can not force the rise of CPC and therefore profits, but You can improve the CPC if we follow certain steps, which will ensure that we get paid as much as possible considering how Google Adsense works and parameters marked to show us certain ads.

Tips and Tricks to Improve Google Adsense CPC:

The theme of the Web: Not all topics are paid the same money, so there is the same CPC, there are topics such as insurance, Hostings, MBA, data recovery, English classes, flights, tourism, hotels, technology … These themes are very well paid but it is also difficult to get visitors since being the ones who pay the most, are also the most disputed, since all those who want to make money create these topics and will cost more position, but well that already Depends on the effort you want to invest each one.

The type of the ad: The ads can be chosen from 3 different types, the text ads, the Display ads that contain images and are many more attractive and the mixed ones, that show one type or another, based on which pays more and which has more Likes to like the user and get those precious clicks. My recommendation obviously and that will surely increase your CPC, is to take the mixed, as well as the greater the possibility of ads to show, the more likely they will pay better and that is the one that Google shows.

Ad Size: In this section there are several sizes, the best CPC have why are the most competitive are the banners of 728x90px and 300x250px, however the best today is to choose the size of adaptable, this is Adapts to the screen of any device, always showing the one that best pays within the sizes that are needed, increases therefore the CPC, especially of the visits that enter from the mobile or the tablets.

The colors of the text ads: These can be chosen, so I recommend you use attractive colors and are not harmful to the eyes, for example use fluorescent green letters, as people avoid entering, try to use nice colors and go In conjunction with the other colors of the web.

Position of the ads: It is very important the position of the ads, because if we put only one and for example at the bottom of the page where it is not seen, we will hardly win money, my recommendation is to use 3 ads, one at the top of the page , Another in the middle of the article and another at the end or the right side of the article, so you have an idea, I used to have only one banner below and another on the right side, as I gained very little I was testing until I found the positions Which I have advised you, and the increase in gain was brutal, multiply it by 5.

What should I never do?

You will read many articles out there that offer you to increase the CPC of your ads with plugins or quirks a little strange, and it is possible that in the short term you improve the CPC, but Google Adsense does not like and prohibits the use of the majority of These tricks, because they alter the way in which they want to show the ads, and their hand does not tremble at the time of closing the account.

And believe me that you do not want that to happen, because you can not open a second Google Adsense account, and there is no other company with which you can earn more, unfortunately the world of advertising for Web owners is very small, it is basically a Google monopoly. So if you stay out of Google Adsense, you will only be small companies, with very poor quality advertising that pay late, bad and never, and then claims to see …

Anyway, I hope you have helped with this article, I feel it to be so long, but it was necessary for you to understand its operation well and that is what you can and can not do, share a link of the article by social networks or with anyone who can Interest, in addition to commenting your opinion and advice if you had, thank you very much for your visit and I hope you come back very soon.

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